View Full Version : Huge Dedicated Server Discounts up to 36%Off on the Most Popular Deals

02-08-2010, 05:22 AM
Natcoweb offers huge discounts for the most popular dedicated server deals

1) Natcowebx10

I7 -920| 3GB Ram| 2x250 GB SATA | 10 Mbs (or 3300GB)
Special price $180.00/mo
Old price $240.00/mo
Saving up to 25%!!!
Order (http://www.natcoweb.com/special_offers.html)

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2) Natcowebx25

I7-920| 6GB Ram| 2x250 GB SATA | 25 Mbs ( or 8250 GB)
Special price $265.00/mo
Old price $402.50/mo
Saving up to 34%
Order (http://www.natcoweb.com/special_offers.html)

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3) Natcowebx50

2XE5504|12GB|2x1000GB SATA| 50 Mbs ( or 16500GB)
Special price $420.00
Old price $645.00/mo
Saving up to 35%
Order (http://www.natcoweb.com/special_offers.html)

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4) Natcowebx100

2XE5504|24GB|4x2000GB SAS|100Mbs (or 33000GB)
Special price $730.00/mo
Old price $1145.00/mo
Saving up to 36%
Order (http://www.natcoweb.com/special_offers.html)

Every deal comes with free setup, free bandwidth monitoring, and free statistics.
Professional 24x7x365 support service is available on request.

Professional support 24x7x365 via AIM, icq, help desk and email
Free setup for all deals
Free bandwidth statistics
Free dedicated server monitoring
Port monitoring
OS and Pre-installed software support
1Gbs uplinks availible
99.999% network SLA
Safe SAS 70 Type II datacenter environment
Network connectivity from Level3, AboveNet, and Bandcon

More details at http://www.natcoweb.com/special_offers.html

About Us

With so much overselling and playing with bandwidth and hardware quality in the industry these days, it's hard to find a dedicated and reputable hosting provider. We pride ourselves on providing first-rate services and still being profitable.
Our privately-owned equipment, the network of IP addresses registered to Natcoweb, and direct agreements with the premium bandwidth providers create all the possible conditions for the best performance of clients' projects with Natcoweb.
Another strong point of Natcoweb is flexibility in approaching customer's need and high scalability available for all customers' solutions. We can deliver any server cofiguration provided by Supermicro today.
We monitor our clients' servers even if customers don't order management services from Natcoweb and send alerts in case any need arises.

To order or ask your questions,
email sales@natcoweb.com
phone 1.6462333035
AIM sales@natcoweb.com