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03-08-2010, 07:44 AM
If you are under Ddos attack or would like to have the peace of mind knowing you are protected against such threats BlockDos provides the most sensible and comprehensive choice. With protection available from 7 locations worldwide no matter how large the attack our methods provide maximum efficiency and the best possible latency insuring that your site not only stays online but is at optimal network performance.

Why BlockDos?

Established in 2001, BlockDos has 8 years of experience in fighting DDOS attacks .With over 50,000 distinct attacks per week, denial of service has become the most costly form of cyber-crime businesses face today, but at BlockDos we provide cost effective protection services.
BlockDos is a sister concern of Server4Sale Inc., which offers a range of complete server hosting solutions under the best data centers in the world. No matter how large or small your network is, BlockDos can offer you the best protection.
BlockDos has a broad range of client base. Due to our highly customizable DDoS protection and mitigation system and global mitigation centers in USA, Canada, Europe, and Central Asia. It allows us to identify even the slightest network anomalies and fight any attacks, anywhere in the world. We have the capacity of mitigating over 50 Gbps+ attacks.
Get protected in as little as 30 minutes and back online in fastest possible time.

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