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11-29-2005, 08:31 AM
Byondspeed Be Registered!
No Popups ! No Posting ! 100% Free
Free Hosting at Its Best

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Who are we?
We Are The People From Asia (Pakistan) , We Are Here To Deliver You
The Best Kind Of Services Than a Paid Host Can!
Well We Bet YOu , The Services Offered By Byondspeed , Will Not
Be Offered By Any Paid Host

Our Mission
Byondspeed Free Webhosting Is Dedicated To Those People
Who Cant Afford Or Purchase Hosting
Many people underestimate a great amount of free webhosts
in the industry but the truth is "It may be free but it
doesn't mean it isn't as good as something you pay for".
We aim to impress customers and show them that a free
webhost really can be as good as any paid webhost out there.

We Have More Than 10 People In The Staff And Still
We Are Working Hard & Increasing Our Staff
As Soon As We Have More Work

What Is BD$ & How I Can Get Free Domain

BD$ is a Currency Which You Will Earn On Posting
YOu WIll Earn

2BD$ Per New Post / Topic

You Can Also Obtain Free Domains On Approx. 800 Posts

Free Webhosting Specifications:
No Popups ! No Posting ! 100% Free

* No Forum Posting Needed
* Domain (yourname.com) Or Sub Domain (yourname.byondspeed.com)
* cPanel 10.2.0 [Latest]
* Fantastico Deluxe 2.8 [Latest]
* 500MB Disk Space
* 10GB Bandwidth
* Unlimited MySQL Databases
* Unlimited FTP Accounts
* Unlimited E-mail Accounts
* Unlimited E-mail Forwarders
* Unlimited E-mail Aliases
* Unlimited Subdomains
* Unlimited Addon Domains
* Unlimited Parked Domains
* PHP Support
* CGI Support
* PERL Support
* JAVA Support
* E-Mail, Helpdesk and Forum Support services
* Special 3 Hours Response Support For Paid Members
* 99.9877% Uptime Guaranteed!
* 468 x 60 Ad Supported

So Why You Are Waiting For ?
Just Join http://www.byondspeed.com

Sponsored Hosting Plans:

They Can Be Founded At


This Offer is Only for Developed Sites


Welcome To Byondspeed Sponsored Hosting Section , We Are Thankful To You For Taking Interest In Our Services

Before requesting a sponsored web hosting account from Byondspeed, you MUST have an active website and traffic to your website. The signup procedure involves a review of your website by our representatives.


And Heres The Guide To Sample Web hosting Request

This is a sample web hosting request application. Please use it as a guideline for your own application. Failure to provide all requested information may prevent us from processing your application or may result in us rejecting it.

First name: Ali
Age: 15
Country: Pakistan

Website URL: http://www.byondspeed.com
Website Title: Free Cpanel Hosting Site
Website Language: English

Website Description: Free Cpanel hosting site

Disk space: 300 MB
Bandwidth: 8 Gb
Plan : Byond Custom

Website Traffic*: 10,000 daily page views / 5,000 daily unique visitors
Public traffic statistics URL*: http://your-public-traffic-statistics-url.com
Online Since: January 2004

Please try to provide a public traffic statistics URL as proof for the traffic your website receives. This is essential for your web hosting application to be accepted.

Please provide a complete and accurate description of the website for which you are requesting a web hosting account, especially if the website is not in English".


Also It May Took Upto 96 Hours For Activation

Please allow between 24 and 96 hours for the processing of your web hosting request application and make sure to check our forums for updates regarding your application.

How long will it take for my account to be setup?

It could take up to 72 hours depending on how many hosting requests need to be filled.But normally Accounts Are Activated In 4 - 8 Hours

Account Upgrades:
If you need additional space/bandwidth added to your account with the use of Your Forum Points please go to:
Account Upgrade Section

Want to have your say about our service?

Feel free to post your testimonials in the Customer Testimonials forum.
Located At


We accept and appreciate all positive and negative testimonials from all of our customers whether they may be FREE or PAID By Forum Points. :D Smiley


Testinomial -1
"I've had my hosting for 1 day since this post. From what I've encountered so far is BETTER service then PAID hosts.

My past hosting providers do not even compare to this service. Thought it may take a few days to get your account. Once you obtain it you will be simply astonished. They provide you with EVERYTHING you need. Even people who aren't familiar with php/html/etc can still be involved.

Can't stress enough how this is the top of the line. Simply, outstandlingly, the best."

Testinomial -2
" Very Happy with service
Must say this is one very nice place great service , great value (free or paid) great job guys

Testinomial -3
" Thank you All
You guys are just great
I just configured my domain at www.kashvet.org and thanks to you it is working fine...
I just had stopped believing that nice guys exist on the www....
You are a refreshing breeze...
God Bless

Testinomial - 4
"I aprove the Byondspeed, for the best hosting services i eveer seen!

Got great hosting servers, and great prices!
Go on! The Force is with you!"

More Will Be Founded at http://byondspeed.com/Forum/index.php?board=28.0

99.98777% Uptime Guarantee!

We GIve Importance To Uptime Because We Care Our Members & Their Sites
and if we fail to Deliver The 99.98777% all of our members will get their
space & bandwidth trippled x 3

Note: This Downtime Doesnt Apply On The Downtime Caused By Server Rebooting

What Is BD$ & How I Can Get Free Domain

BD$ is a Currency Which You Will Earn On Posting
YOu WIll Earn

2BD$ Per New Post / Topic

You Can Also Obtain Free Domains On Approx. 800 Posts

[b]Whats Coming Up At Byondspeed?
Free Email Service , Forum Hosting , Image Hosting , File Hosting
And Alot of More..........

How can I promote Byondspeed?

* Tell your friends and family About Byondspeed
* Post AT Different Communities About Byondspeed :D
* Link back to Byondspeed from your hosted website :D
* Advertise Byondspeed In Your Land , City & School

Pre-Signup Questions:
Feel free to register at the forum and ask all your pre-signup questions in the Pre-Signup Questions forum
Located At http://byondspeed.com/Forum/index.php?board=26.0]

Community Statics
Byondspeed Have More Than 400 Members With More Than 5000 Posts
And We Are Looking To Reach 1000 Members Target This Year

Interested In Advertising At www.byondspeed.com ?
Following Are The Advertising Rates For Advertising At Byondspeed.com & Byondspeed.com Hosted Network

Our Rate Is 1$ Per 1000 Impressions
Advertising Can Be Purchased Via

Thanks For Being A Part Of Byondspeed We Hope That You Enjoy your Stay With Us
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