View Full Version : Do you wait for Christmas?

12-02-2005, 08:23 AM
If you are waiting for Christmas, you should start saving your money for presents and keep your money for other things instead of paying bills for hosting, right? That's why we are proud to announce about special Christmas Package at DimeReseller (http://www.dimereseller.com/), which was dedicated not just to exceed all your expectations, but also to help you save money.

If you are the kind of person who doesn't trust in kiddie hosts (well, about 80% hosting is done by 15-17 y.o. kids), take your own reseller package from us right now, because:

It will cost you nothing. All new customers, who order Reseller Package, will start paying just in years 2006. The faster you are, the more you save. And if you won't be 100% happy, you may migrate to another host at any time.
Great discounts. Once billing cycle will start, you will pay only $10 per month.
Free reseller package. Any person, who will order two reseller accounts, will get 3rd reseller account free of charge. Save even more or just resell it at your own price and make a great profit.
No limits. You may order as many accounts with discount as you wish. We don't limit your freedom.

All hosting packages include:

Free setup
Unlimited features
Unlimited hosted domains
cPanel + Fantastico DeLuxe + RVSkin
Shell access
Affiliate program (50% commissions for each signup)
30 day money back guarantee
99.9% uptime guarantee
24/7 helpdesk/phone support
NO hidden or additional fees

Other bonus features along with more details DimeReseller hosting packages are listed at Hosting (http://www.dimereseller.com/hosting.php) page. Package may be upgraded/downgraded at any time.

If your current hosting is running cPanel, we will transfer your accounts (files, databases, email accounts, etc.) to our servers without any cost, so migration will be fast and worry-free.

Still not enough, right? If your current host offers a great price, but you are not 100% happy about support and uptime, send us the link with information about your current hosting package (don't forget to include the price you are paying now) and we will offer the same package for lower price along with premium-level servers and tech support . No tricks, no hiddens terms.

We would like to make this package even more serviceable to you, so please reply with any questions you may have.