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03-20-2010, 11:39 AM
After scouring through the database warehouse of Scraping Web (http://www.scrapingweb.com/), I have come across several databases that haven’t been sold a copy yet. Here’s a bunch of coupons to make some real deals off these databases for you. Note that each coupon can only be claimed ONCE and after someone uses it, it’s wiped out from our system.

File Extensions (http://www.scrapingweb.com/databases/file-extensions-database.html) – use coupon EVERYFILE to get $20 discount
English Antonyms (http://www.scrapingweb.com/databases/antonyms-database.html) – use coupon ANTONOT to get $20 discount
Aircraft Data (http://www.scrapingweb.com/databases/aircraftdata-database.html) – use coupon WANNAFLY to get $300 discount
Library Books (http://www.scrapingweb.com/databases/library-books-database.html) – use coupon LIBRARIAN to get $150 discount
Shareware and Freeware (http://www.scrapingweb.com/databases/software-database.html) – use coupon DIGITALAGE to get $100 discount
US LASIK Eye Surgeons (http://www.scrapingweb.com/databases/lasik-surgeons-database.html) – use coupon ISEEYOU to get $150 discount
UK Addresses (http://www.scrapingweb.com/databases/ukaddress-database.html) – use coupon LAME to get $20 discount
Economics Books (http://www.scrapingweb.com/databases/econbooks-database.html) – use coupon ECONGURU to get $20 discount

These are not all (http://www.scrapingweb.com/databases.html). Should you find any other databases appealing to your website needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us and ask for a deal (http://www.scrapingweb.com/quote.html)!
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