View Full Version : Drag Drop Site Builder Christmas Special! - $199 -> 100 sites ($1.99 / site one time)

12-05-2005, 04:04 PM
<<<< Drag Drop Site Creator (http://www.dragdropsitecreator.com) >>>>

Celebrate Christmas and offer Drag Drop Site Creator to your hosting customers with this special offer.

$199 one time fee for 100 sites. Get extra websites at $1.99 a piece.
(Now runs on servers with C-Panel, Plesk, Ensim or Direct Admin Control panels installed!)

SQLFusion is offering its online site builder, Drag drop site creator <www.dragdropsitecreator.com (http://www.dragdropsitecreator.com) > for webhosting companies.

About Drag Drop Site Creator (http://www.dragdropsitecreator.com) :

It is an advanced online website builder which can bring your hosting company new customers - especially small and medium-size businesses - with its unique features.

Drag Drop Site Creator (http://www.dragdropsitecreator.com) will change the way your customers create and maintain websites.

Benefits to you as a web host:

* Add value to your hosting with an exclusive product, the Drag drop site creator

* It is completely rebrandable. We can help you customize it

* Drag Drop Site Creator (http://www.dragdropsitecreator.com) will raise the interest from small and med-size businesses looking for a website builder with which then can create customized, rich and evolutive websites. All they need is a web browser. Moving windows in their operating systems is the only skill they need to know... and they are ready to go!

* There are dozens of easy to use addons as E-commerce, Blogs, RSS feeds aggregator, Photo Galleries, Ad banner manager, etc,... which will help you differentiate your offer from other web hosting companies. We are currently working on building a package for SugarCRM... :)

* Automatized Control Panel. Easy to use interface to manage your users accounts.

* Our commitment to provide superior support to our customers. We have 6 year expertise in providing support to Fortune 500 companies.

Benefits to your customers:

* Drag Drop Site Creator (http://www.dragdropsitecreator.com) is perfect for none technical users.

* It allows real time collaboration in creating websites. Any team member can now work on the project... using nothing more than their web browser.

* Your customer can build completely custom frontend and backend of websites they create. No programming skill is needed. Indeed Drag and Drop Site Creator (http://www.dragdropsitecreator.com) offers MySQL content administration, for end users to create database forms and reports and modify the database content.

* Drag Drop Site Creator (http://www.dragdropsitecreator.com) makes open source technologies accessible to non-technical users. Anybody can integrate scripts (open source applications) through the Drag and Drop Site manager in a click. You customer can for instance install a forum, a blog or a livechat to her website in a simple click and all of this for free.

This is only a very brief list of features and benefits available. There are many more exciting features you can find in our online web site builder for Web hosting companies. Find more on <www.DragDropSiteCreator.com (http://www.dragdropsitecreator.com) >