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04-01-2010, 03:43 PM
We take 50$ Setup fee also provide 50$ Domain credit.

Included Features

* Automated Registration Software (API) - Build your site around eNom's peerless technology.
* PDQ - eNom's full-featured and customizable domain name registration website. ** eNom.com's $99/year fee for PDQ does apply.
* RegistryRocket - eNom's FREE, scaled down, Domain Registration website solution.
* Your own resellers - Ability to create your own sub-accounts (Have eNom resellers under you!)
* Customer Self-Service Domain Access - Assign a password to any domain in your account for others to manage it.
* Merchant Services - Credit Card Processing Services made easy.
* Pop/Webmail - eNom gives you the lowest possible price for the best available service.
* WebSite Builder - the power to create a website very quickly and easily and publish it to the Web.
* Real Time DNS, Email Forwarding, and URL Redirection - Enjoy world class white-labeled DNS, URL redirection and framing.
* Domain Portfolio Manager, Global Edits, and Reporting - Industry standard tool whether you are managing 1 domain or 100,000 domains.
* Automated Inter-Registrar Transfers and Bulk Transfers - Transfer a large quantity of domains on a single order with Bulk Transfer.
* Bulk Domain Registrations - Register a large domain list quickly.


Paypal is now accepted for refilling our Reseller Accounts.

You can use Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover or your PayPal account to refill your account. (Debit cards with Visa or Mastercard affiliation should also be acceptable) Using a credit card or PayPal you can refill your account any amount over $100.00 up to $3000.00. To help keep our wholesale prices as low as possible, there is a 3% credit card fee when a credit card is used to add funds to your account. If you do not wish to refill your account with the minimum of $100 by credit card, you can refill with any amount using check, money order or bank wire transfer. Enom accepts a check by mail or bank transfer to add funds to your account and there is no additional fee. Enom will credit your check or wire to your account during regular business hours as soon as it arrives. There will not be a delay in waiting for funds to clear the banking system to credit your account. Please note that you need to refill your account only for domains you want to purchase or if you have integrated our API and are using your own merchant account for domain reselling. You will have to add funds to subscribe to the PDQ reselling option. The price is $99.00 per year, so if you use a credit card you will have to add about $103.00 to account for the 3% transaction fee before you can activate and publish your PDQ site. To refill your eNom account please use the information below.

Reseller Funding Checks should be mailed to:
eNom, Inc.
Dept CH 10779
Palatine, IL 60055-0779

For overnight mail, send checks to:
eNom, Inc.
5505 N. Cumberland Avenue
Suite 307
Chicago, IL 60656-1471

There are no minimum amounts for check refills.
IMPORTANT! Each check MUST have the Reseller Login ID in the memo field and what it is for (ex. account refill).

NOTE: Our bank may impose a 30-day delay on checks received in a foreign currency. Please plan on this delay as your reseller funds will not be posted to your account until the bank releases your money to eNom.

Wire Transfers:

- Domestic Wire Transfers -
Routing and transit #: 121140399
For Credit of: eNom, Inc.
Credit Account #: 3300381976
By order of: (your name) and (your eNom Login ID)

- International Wire Transfers -
Pay To: FC - Silicon Valley Bank
3003 Tasman Drive
Santa Clara, CA 95054, USA
Routing and transit #: \\FW:121140399
For Credit of: eNom, Inc.
Credit Account #: FNC - 3300381976
By order of: (your name) and (your eNom Login ID)

There are no minimum amounts for wire transfer refills.
Also, send details of your wire transfer including login, amount and date initiated to: accounting@enom.com

Domain Resellers are advised to contact aboutreseller.com support team at least once before initiating first time wire transfers or sending checks.

(When you as a reseller initiate a transfer order, enom sets aside funds for that domain to make sure it will be their once the domain transfer goes through. If the domain transfer is canceled or does not go through, the money will be added back to your "available balance." )

TLD Registration i Renewal Transfer i
.com $7.95/yr $7.95/yr $7.95
.net $7.95/yr $7.95/yr $7.95
.me $37.50/yr $37.50/yr $37.50
.org $7.95/yr $7.95/yr $7.95
.us $14.95/yr $14.95/yr $14.95
.la $69.95/yr $69.95/yr $69.95
.mobi $29.95/yr $29.95/yr $29.95
.info $29.95/yr $14.95/yr $14.95
.asia $29.95/yr $29.95/yr N/A
.biz $14.95/yr $14.95/yr $14.95
.co.uk i $13.99/yr $13.99/yr $13.99
.org.uk i $13.99/yr $13.99/yr $13.99
.com.tw $49.95/yr $49.95/yr N/A
.tw $49.95/yr $49.95/yr N/A
.org.tw $49.95/yr $49.95/yr N/A
.idv.tw $49.95/yr $49.95/yr N/A
.ca $19.95/yr $19.95/yr $15.95
.cn $29.95/yr $29.95/yr $29.95
.eu $19.95/yr $19.95/yr $19.95
.name $14.95/yr $14.95/yr $14.95
.cc $29.95/yr $29.95/yr $29.95
.ac $95.00/yr $95.00/yr N/A
.io $95.00/yr $95.00/yr N/A
.sh $95.00/yr $95.00/yr N/A
.tv $39.95/yr $39.95/yr $39.95
.bz $29.95/yr $29.95/yr N/A
.nu i $29.95/yr $29.95/yr N/A
.ws $30.95/yr $30.95/yr N/A
.tm i $125.00/yr $105.00/yr N/A
.kids.us i $95.00/yr $95.00/yr N/A
.com.cn $34.95/yr $34.95/yr $34.95
.net.cn $34.95/yr $34.95/yr $34.95
.org.cn $34.95/yr $34.95/yr $34.95
.de $29.95/yr $29.95/yr N/A
.be $29.95/yr $29.95/yr N/A
.tc $85.00/yr $85.00/yr N/A
.vg $85.00/yr $85.00/yr N/A
.ms $85.00/yr $85.00/yr N/A
.cm $139.95/yr $139.95/yr N/A
.gs $85.00/yr $85.00/yr N/A
.jp $99.95/yr $99.95/yr N/A
.net.nz $69.95/yr $69.95/yr N/A
.co.nz $69.95/yr $69.95/yr N/A
.org.nz $69.95/yr $69.95/yr N/A
.com.mx i $99.00/yr $99.00/yr N/A
.br.com $59.95/yr $59.95/yr $59.95
.cn.com $59.95/yr $59.95/yr $59.95
.eu.com $29.95/yr $29.95/yr $29.95
.uk.com $59.95/yr $59.95/yr $59.95
.uk.net $59.95/yr $59.95/yr $59.95
.us.com $29.95/yr $29.95/yr $29.95
.uy.com $59.95/yr $59.95/yr $59.95
.hu.com $59.95/yr $59.95/yr $59.95
.no.com $59.95/yr $59.95/yr $59.95
.qc.com $59.95/yr $59.95/yr $59.95
.ru.com $59.95/yr $59.95/yr $59.95
.sa.com $59.95/yr $59.95/yr $59.95
.se.com $59.95/yr $59.95/yr $59.95
.se.net $59.95/yr $59.95/yr $59.95
.za.com $59.95/yr $59.95/yr $59.95
.de.com $59.95/yr $59.95/yr $59.95
.in $24.95/yr $24.95/yr $24.95
.me.uk i $14.99/yr $14.99/yr $14.99
.am $124.95/yr $124.95/yr N/A
.at $99.95/yr $99.95/yr N/A
.nl $39.95/yr $39.95/yr N/A
.it $39.95/yr $39.95/yr N/A
.fm $124.95/yr N/A N/A
.tel $29.95/yr $29.95/yr $29.95
.nom.co $17.00/yr $17.00/yr $17.00
.net.co $17.00/yr $17.00/yr $17.00
.com.co $17.00/yr $17.00/yr $17.00
.co N/A $28.00/yr $53.00
.pro $22.95/yr $22.95/yr $22.95
.recht.pro $169.00/yr $169.00/yr $169.00
.med.pro $169.00/yr $169.00/yr $169.00
.law.pro $169.00/yr $169.00/yr $169.00
.jur.pro $169.00/yr $169.00/yr $169.00
.avocat.pro $169.00/yr $169.00/yr $169.00
.bar.pro $169.00/yr $169.00/yr $169.00
.aaa.pro $169.00/yr $169.00/yr $169.00
.aca.pro $169.00/yr $169.00/yr $169.00
.acct.pro $169.00/yr $169.00/yr $169.00
.eng.pro $169.00/yr $169.00/yr $169.00
.cpa.pro $169.00/yr $169.00/yr $169.00
Additional Domain Services & Fees
Service Price
.NAME registration and .NAME email forwarding $19.95
Redemption Grace Period reactivation fee $250.00
Other Products & Services
Service Price
ID Protect $6.00/yr
Business Listing $8.00/yr
RatePoint Standard low as $10.41/mo
RatePoint Plus low as $17.91/mo
RatePoint Enterprise low as $30.75/mo
RatePoint Enterprise Plus low as $63.25/mo
RichContent low as $5.00/mo
POP Email $9.95/yr

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