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04-02-2010, 02:08 PM
VPS account isolates you from other users on the server, allowing you to choose your operating system, control panel, and the ability to install software and make changes with full ROOT access, not possible on a regular shared environment.
If your website/s are outgrowing a normal shared environment or you want a more reliable platform for your information, this is the solution. You get all the benefits of performance hardware and speed, without the price tag of a similar server.

All vps Immediate Setup, we never oversell

Openvz VPs

Disk Space 20Gb
Monthly Bandwidth 250 GB
Guaranteed Memory (RAM) 256MB
2 IP Address

Disk Space 50Gb
Monthly Bandwidth 500 GB
Guaranteed Memory (RAM) 512MB
2 IP Address

Disk Space 100Gb
Monthly Bandwidth 1000 GB
Guaranteed Memory (RAM) 1024MB
2 IP Address

Disk Space 200Gb
Monthly Bandwidth 2000 GB
Guaranteed Memory (RAM) 2048MB
2 IP Address

Disk Space 300Gb
Monthly Bandwidth 3000 GB
Guaranteed Memory (RAM) 3072MB
2 IP Address

All plans come with the following:

- Instant Setup (Depending on availability)
- 15-days money back guarantee
- Daily Backup For Vps
- Limit 10 VPS per node!
- Fully Managed Service


Cpanel/Whm License: $12/month

if you wanna customize your vps just contact us.

For More Info Please Contact Us info@egysv.com Messenger msn@egysv.com