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12-26-2005, 04:17 AM
Hello all, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
To kick off the new year right, My-E-Space.com (http://my-e-space.net) has come up with a few special offers!
With ALL shared hosting (http://my-e-space.net/hosting.htm) plans you get the first month absolutely FREE. So you get the chance to try before you buy! Here are our shared hosting (http://my-e-space.net/hosting.htm) plans:
E-Shak: $4.00/month (FIRST MONTH FREE)
256mb disc space
10gb bandwidth
Order (http://my-e-space.com/step_one.php?gid=1)

E-House: $5.00/month (FIRST MONTH FREE)
512mb disc space
15gb bandwidth
Order (http://my-e-space.com/step_one.php?gid=1)

E-Farm: $6.00/month (FIRST MONTH FREE)
1024mb (1gb) disc space
20gb bandwidth
Order (http://my-e-space.com/step_one.php?gid=1)

We have discounted the first month on all of our reseller plans.
================================================== =================================Reseller Hosting (http://my-e-space.net/reseller.htm)========================
Starter Reseller:
$7.00/month, first month only $3.50!!
2gb disc space
45gb bandwidth
Coupon Code: starter
Order (http://my-e-space.com/step_one.php?gid=2)

Novice Reseller:
$11.00/month, first month only $6.50!!
5gb disc space
75gb bandwidth
Coupon Code: novice
Order (http://my-e-space.com/step_one.php?gid=2)

Advanced Reseller:
$16.00/month, forst month only $10.00!!
8gb disc space
100gb bandwidth
Coupon Code: advanced
Order (http://my-e-space.com/step_one.php?gid=2)

Guru Reseller:
$21.00/month, first month only $12.00!!
10gb disc space
150gb bandwidth
Coupon Code: guru

Order (http://my-e-space.com/step_one.php?gid=2)=============================== =================================================I ncluded in all accounts======================

Unlimited MySQL Databases
Unlimited Email Accounts
Unlimited Auto-Responders
Unlimited Addon / Parked Domains
Unlimited Hosted Domains (Reseller Only)
Unlimited Subdomains
cPanel 10
WHM (Reseller Only)
Fantastico De Lux
PHP Support
Front Page Extentions
Detailed Web Stats
Bandwidth Usage Meter
Custom Error Pages
URL Redirects
Free Nightly Backups
OS Shopping Cart
Agora Shopping Cart
Search Engine Submit
Free Web Tools
Free $5 Kanoodle (http://kanoodle.com) Credit
Free Custom Nameservers (Reseller Only)

We have also started to offer free, and semi-sponsored reseller accounts. With the free resellers, you apply by email with the requested information found here (http://my-e-space.com/freereseller.htm). Then, if accepted, you will have to place our 728x90 Google or Yahoo ads on every page of your website (not your customers sites). If you have a high traffic site you may be eligable for upgrades.
With our semi-sponsored resellers, you pay only $3.00 a month for 2gb/45gb, but you must place a small 125x125 google adsense button ad on every page or your website. Each ad is custom designed to fit your layout. There is no approval process for semi-sponsored resellers.
Read more here (http://my-e-space.com/freereseller.htm)

================================================== ==================================Server Info===========================
Server 1:
Dual AMD Opteron Processor 246
4GB Ram
1MB Cache
Located at Liquidweb in Lansing, Michigan

Server 2:
Dual 2.8 ghz Pentium Processors
1GB Ram
1MB Cache
Located at RackForce in Canton, Ohio
================================================== ==============================Contact Info=============================
If you would like to contact us regarding any of the above hosting packages please feel free to email us at sales(@)my-e-space.net (sales@my-e-space.net), at anytime and we will be happy to answer any of your questions. You may also contact us through our forum (http://my-e-space.com/forum), or support ticket system (http://my-e-space.com/clogin.php)(registered users only).

We appreciate your time, and wish you the best of luck on your hosting search.
Happy Holidays to all from all of us at My-E-Space.com (http://my-e-space.com)!