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06-07-2010, 12:33 AM
I can give you paid web design offered by HostSo.com (hostso.com/affordable_web_hosting.php?) I can get you the 'Aspire Plan' for $10/yr and $17/2 years.

These rates and this scheme is for the 'Aspire Plan' only!! The details of this plan are given below :-

-> Web Space : 200 GB
-> Monthly Bandwidth : Unlimited
-> Parked Domains : 4
-> Sub-Domains : 50
-> FTP Accounts : Unlimited
-> MySQL Databses : 10
-> eMail Accounts : 100
-> Mailing Lists : 50
-> cPanel
-> Fantastico
-> Site Builder Templates
-> OS Commerce Shopping Cart
-> PHP 4 and 5
-> 99.99 Uptime

and more at hostso.com/affordable_web_hosting.php?

Original Cost for 1 yr - $12 My Rates - $10
Original Cost for 2 yrs - $21 My Rates - $17

The Hosting Accounts are 100% legal and will be valid for the given period from the day you make the payment!! They can be renewed anytime directly from HostSo.

This offer is not a scam. It is cheap for international people (outside India) because HostSO has different and lower rates in India. As I am from India, I can buy these accounts for you at a cheaper rate than you would get if you buy directly from HostSo . I have also attached a screenshot of the HostSo Plan details page giving the cost of each plan in INR (Indian Rupees). You can use Google to see the conversion rates from INR to USD. For example, to convert 100 INR to USD, type in the google.com search box "100 INR in USD" and Google will give you the converted amount as per the current standards. I am charging a little extra as I'll have to pay currency conversion charge to my bank when I get the payment there.


This offer is not available anywhere else. Not even if you buy directly from HostSo.com!!
To buy, contact me at prince.ramandeep@gmail.com.