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06-07-2010, 11:00 PM
Ecvps.com - offering cheap vps / vds - target for clients who looking cheap high Quality service

Our servers hosted at Dallas and Seattle and San Jose


Disk Space - 20GB

Bandwidth - 1000GB

Guaranteed RAM - 512MB Ram

Burst RAM - 1024MB Ram

Dedicated IP -1

Managed Support - Yes

24 Support ( and live chat ) - Yes

Discount For prepaid - 10%,15%,20%

Free Directadmin - Usually cost 10 $ per month

$ 12.95 /mo



Disk Space - 40GB

Bandwidth - 2000GB

Guaranteed RAM - 1024 MB Ram

Burst RAM - 2048 MB Ram

Dedicated IP -1

Managed Support - Yes

24 Support ( and live chat ) - Yes

Discount For prepaid - 10%,15%,20%

$ 21.95 /mo

Free Directadmin - Usually cost 10 $ per month

More plan, you can find it on http://ecvps.com/node/2

>> Sales working everyday, if you have any question, please feel free submit sales ticket, we are always here :) <<

Or contact me directly, chris@ecvps.com

Just give you more crazy offer on our vps plan. If you join it now, you will get free Directadmin + double HDD And RAM ( we already added in our webpage ) + double one more time bandwidth, for ecvps-1, it will comes with 1000GB.

For the double bandwidth, it only available for first 5 clients only ( we may add more if more clients need it. )

For the Promotions code : double bw

( please enter it when you are check out )

3 datacenters available

Speed test

Test IP : ( Softlayer - Dallas - 1000M )
10MB :
100MB :

Test IP : ( Softlayer - Seattle - 1000M port )

10MB :
100MB :

Test IP : ( San Jose - 50M Port )

10MB :
100MB :

If you need any help, please submit ticket in https://ecvps.com/client/submitticket.php

Please try not respond in this forum, as this is not our support forum or pre-sales forum, better to submit the ticket to that link.

Many thanks

For take diretcamdin offer, please select directadmin when you check out.


Q: Do you oversell your resources?

A: We Never oversold our server resources! If you purchase a vps account from us, you will be able to use all of your disc, and bandwidth. We will not cut you off for some unknown reason if you start using most of your disc space, or bandwidth!

Q: Do you allow IRC?

A: Yes, as long as it is not connected to the public network

Q: Do you allow any adult content?

A: Yes, but it must be legal.

Q: If I have a problem with control panel, e.g. setup a mysql, ftp etc, what can I do?

A: We are always here, please don't be shy to contact us.

Q: How long does it take for my vps setup?

A: It usually takes few minutes to setup, if you wait for up to an hour, but the vps still not setup, please contact us.

Q: I would like to apply the free trial account , what can I do?

A: Simple to email us or find us on the front page ( web chat )

Q: May I have more detail of free trial account ?

A: Free trial account goes with one Dedicated IP, and 3 days for free, after 3 days, if you would like to join us, we won't delete your vps account.

Q: How many servers have ECVPS got at this moment?

A: We currently having nine servers. Four of them are housed at SoftLayer DC in Dallas, TX. The other three are housed at SoftLayer in Seattle . Two servers in Los Angeles. All servers are Intel Xeon processors with 8GB ram. By default, all new customers are setup on our Dallas, TX. server.

Q: Is your VPS managed or unmanaged?

A: Well, we are unmanged but we will try our best to install application you like, or transfer your data form old hosting to your vps, and much more. please ask us if you need help, and we will try to fix your issus.

Q: Will you help us (clients ) to backup vps data?

A: Yes, we are having two backup servers at the monent, but please note that, we don't have responsibilities to help clients backup their own data, we can not guaranteed it can be used or we can not guaranteed the backup is most updated


http://ecvps.com :rolleyes: