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06-15-2010, 08:51 PM
Hi All HostSearch Members,

We have been in around the industry since year 2007 and provide both Windows and Linux cPanel server setup and security hardening with an affordable price.

Windows Server Security Tight Up

-Securing Windows IIS Server and FTP Server
-Security NTFS Folder permission
-Securing ASP.Net 1.x and 2.x (Medium Trust)
-Installation of Windows Defender
-Hardening of TCP/IP Stack
-Hardening of Microsoft DNS Server
-Disabling null session and shell execution
-Installation and Configuration of URL Scan
-Disabling unncessary Windows Services
-Ensuring Windows are patched with the latest Windows update
-Configuration of mail relaying on third party mail server & Microsoft IIS SMTP
-Applying restricted permission on common Windows system tools such as telnet.exe..etc

Just $48 One time! (Normal Price $60)

cPanel Linux Security Hardening
-Securing SSH
-Securing /tmp and /dev/shm
-Sysctl.conf Security Hardening
-Host.conf Security Hardening
-Disable Insecure PHP Functions (System, shell_exec..etc)
-Shell Fork Bomb Protection
-Securing Apache and DNS Services
-PHP Mail Injection Prevention
-Anti-DDoS Configuration and Protection
-Notification of root access on server
-Apache mod_security Installation and Configuration
-Firewall (APF or CSF) Installation and Configuration
-Disabling Compiler Permission for Unprivileged Users
-Disabling Unnecessary Services, OS Users & Tightening of /bin permission
-Antivirus, Antispam (RBLS, Forged EHLO, SA), Dictionary Attack Configuration
- Upgrade of rpm packages (including kernel) to the latest available releas

From just $63 One Time! (Normal price $90)

We are throwing a special 30% discount from today until 30 June 2010. Just use the coupon code HOSTSEARCH30 during checkout to get the above price!

To order, just click here (https://www.tweakservers.com/portal/cart.php?gid=1) To know more about the details, please click here. (http://www.tweakservers.com/services/server-admin.html)