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07-20-2010, 10:56 PM
** Unmetered Adult Hosting** from SexyWing.com - $4.99/month

http://www.sexywing.com (http://www.sexywing.com/)

We make your site SEXY

We are a unmetered adult hosting company providing fast, reliable and high-quality services with competitive prices. Our plans start from $9.95/month, and we would like to give the first 50 friends here a special offer of 50% OFF Discount on all plans!


• Mini Wing
Unlimited bandwidth
10G web space
Host 10 domains in 1 account
for only $4.99 a month!!!

• Large Wing
Unlimited bandwidth
20G web space
Host 20 domains in 1 account
for only $9.99 a month!!!

• Giant Wing
Unlimited bandwidth
30GB web space
Host 30 domains in 1 account
for only $19.95 a month!!!

All plans include
•Unlimited Email/FTP/MySQL accounts
•PHP4/5, PERL, CGI, Cpanel +Rvskin
•24/7/365 supports
•Adult market specialist, adult contents welcomed!
•Enterprise class server, only Dell and Supermicro here
•Off site backup

No tricks, 100% honesty.
Monthly payment, no contract to sign.
There is even more discount(60% OFF) when you pay annually.

Any questions? Need a custom plan?
Please contact our sales representative via
Email: sales@sexywing.com

We accept paypal and major credit cards

What is the "catch"?

SexyWing strives to provide an enterprise level of adult hosting service with LARGE amount of bandwidth. We are not here to jack your money with some crazy plan that is 50G space for $9.95/mo. We offer to the extreme , but in order to achieve business level of server stability, we DO have some limitations!

*Each account limits at 7% of server resource(CPU/Ram)
Many accounts that consume 500G monthly transfer actually use less than 3% of server resources.
* NO IRC/Chatting scrtips/Warez/Piracy/Bit torrents
* NO Spams/spamvertisers/phishing
* ONLY Legal Adults contents allowed

SexyWing- We make your sites SEXY
http://www.sexywing.com (http://www.sexywing.com/)