View Full Version : Warning: Read this before buying any reseller hosting

02-02-2006, 01:07 PM
There Are Two Types of Reseller Hosting Companies

There are those Reseller Hosting Companies that have a lot of customers and spend next to nothing on second-rate equipment, customer support, or security and make their money month after month by actually running the company down into the ground.

Then there are Reseller Hosting Companies that are actually growing and never take short-cuts or spare any expense on equipment, customer support, and giving their customers every reason to stay.

If you are looking for that second type of reseller hosting, you absolutely have to look at Vortech Hosting (http://www.vortechhosting.com). In fact take a close look at Vortech. Look at the images of their data center, talk to one of the techs. Stop by the office or take a datacenter tour and look around. You will not find a friendlier more capable bunch of techs anywhere that care more about your reseller hosting experience. On top of that, they are not even expensive.

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Thank you!