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08-05-2010, 03:48 AM

www.BalticServers.com - European data center since 2001. We offer dedicated servers, vps hosting, web hosting, colocation services. We have customers from more than 40 countries from all continents.

Our location: Lithuania , European Union. More about: http://www.datacentermap.com/lithuan...u-centras.html
Lithuania is a second country in the world by upload speed: http://www.speedtest.net/global.php#0 ,

Allowed to host: Irc, warez linking, adult. SPAM isn't allowed.

* Internet bandwidth from Level3, Globalcom, Linxtelecom, verizon, Deutsche Telecom.
* Up to TIER III infrastructure
* SLA 99.7%
* UPS system
* Diesel generator
* Fire protection
* Physical Security
* Air conditioning system
* Air humidification
* 24/7 technical support

Special Offer: All VPS with 30% min off
Coupon code: www.BalticServers.com/9YEARS

We have 11 VPS Plans. To see ALL: http://www.balticservers.com/vps-vir...rivate-servers

First Plan:

Virtual dedicated server (VPS) 2 cells
Processor: 0,5 CORE x X3460 @ 2.8GHz (More...)
RAM memory: 512MB
Disk space: 20GB
Disks: SAS 15000RPM, RAID
Bandwidth: 100Mbps
Price: 11.99 10.99 Eur/month

Last Plan:

Virtual dedicated server (VPS) 12 cells
Processor: 3 CORE x X3460 @ 2.8GHz (More...)
RAM memory: 3072MB
Disk space: 210GB
Disks: SAS 15000RPM, RAID
Bandwidth: 100Mbps
Price: 67.99 62.99 Eur/month

IP Ping:
4mb file download: http://www.balticservers.com/bigfile.bin
You can test 4mb with http://host-tracker.com/
100mb file download: http://www.balticservers.com/bigfile2.bin

Supported OS:

* CentOS 4 or 5, 32 or 64bit
* Debian 5.0, 32 or 64bit
* SuSE 11.1, 32 or 64bit
* Ubuntu 8.04 or 9.10, 32 or 64bit


Contact me via PM or:

Email: info@balticservers.com
skype: neas21
tel: +370 65511833

We accept payments via PayPal, WebMoney, Bank Wire.

www.BalticServers.com | Dedicated servers, vps, hosting, colocation Lithuania, Baltic states, EU. [ Fast internet traffic both to EU and Russia ]