View Full Version : Unmanaged VPS Beginner: Setting up OS/Nginx/PHP/etc

09-29-2010, 06:44 PM
I decided to go with an unmanaged VPS but I don't understand the basics so I'm a little lost.. right now my panel looks like this
and I did install Debian 5 and Nginx using the "Reinstall OS" feature inside the VPS Panel but I'm not sure if I have the latest version of Debian 5 or Nginx. I haven't had too much luck in the Nginx forum or in the IRC channel so I'm asking here

My Questions are:

1. How do I check the versions of Debian-5 and the Nginx that are installed? If I have to upgrade them, is there anywhere I can go to find out how?
2. After I figure out if i have the latest versions for number 1, how do I install PHP / MySQL / phpMyAdmin?
3. How do I add other sites without a control panel?

I don't expect 1 person to answer everythin.. I just need help.. its been 2 days now and I haven't beena ble to figure anythin out so any help at all is appreciated