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11-11-2010, 05:30 PM
I was very curious about blog posting softwares,on many forums i asked about such softwares to know that do they really work
But i got no reply from every where,then i decided to check and experience it myself
I required the following from such a software:
1.They must be easy and quick to use
2.I could set my own blogs on auto pilot as it must be capable of posting bulk of my articles automatically to suitable categories of my blogs
3.It must easily post my content to different sites
4.It must help in seo activities
5.It must help in getting links from web2 sites
6.Its free trial version must be fully functional.

First software which i used for it was Auto Post blog available at www.autopostblog.com,it was my first experience
with any niche marketing tool,it had the following flaws:

a.One of the main was that their free demo version was not fully functional
b.It do not works with long path files
c.I wanted to post my content in right categories in my blog but it does not had such option
d.I wanted it to work on background with a single for a bunch of articles but it needed commands
for each and every post
e.It had nothing to help me to build backlinks from popular web2 sites
f.It proved to be an unsafe seo software
f.And last but not the leaste it was very heavy and complex to use.

2. The second one was AUTO CONTENT POSTER to web2 sites, it was a cool software but it was not customiseable enough for me
to use it for my own blog,it only functioned as a seo software where you can only post your article to different sites which is
though unethical and unsafe and indeed a violation in my eye,it is available at www.brothersoft.com

3.Many people who will read it will be thinking of forum poster v1 and blog database v1 being heavily advertised on web but these
two softwares are just nothing then a tool to post content to multiple forums and eq databases

4.Web2 Auto submitter 1.9 is a nice tool but it only helps in posting your blog site to millions of
Web2 directories though being a seo supporter,it is available at www.file32.com

5.Blog auto poster was a wonder ful experience but it given nothing for my seo activities.It is available at www.blogautoposter.com

6.Then i found the best one known as MASS AUTO BLOG POSTER,it has every thing which i being a blog owner wanted
it had done the following for me
a.With using it i am now able to post large bunch of content in seperate categories of my blog with just a single click
b.It had given me quality in high PR back link creation
c.It added unlimited wordpress blogs in 2 minutes
c.It is so very versatile.
d.I am using its free trial version and it is fully functional
e.Last it is very small and quick.
Its website is www.massblogposter.com

These were my suggestions for all those basic bloggers and seos like me.

11-15-2010, 05:04 PM
thanks for sharing the information , nice post

11-26-2010, 02:10 AM
But I am doing manually blog post and think it's good for blog.