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03-13-2006, 09:21 PM
Special Offers on our US and UK facilities!
We have 10 SuperMicro servers for this offer, including 10 Mbps unmetered bandwidth, with the following specifications. Please bear in mind this is not cheap hardware. We offer the finest, top of the line SuperMicro SuperServer series.

SuperMicro SuperServer
DualCore Intel Pentium 2.8Ghz / 2x1MB cache / 800Mhz FSB
*FREE Additional 120 GB SATA HD
Fedora Core 4
10 Mbps unmetered (HE.net bandwidth)

Monthly: €199

London Special: If you choose our UK facility, we'll upgrade both HD to 250 GB for free!

FREE Setup: no need to pay an extra fee!
FREE Managed hardware: parts replacement for free!
FREE RAID 0/1 setup: you request it, we provide it for free!*
FREE Control panel (FHBot): easy way to manage your domains for free!
FREE IP addresses (ARIN, RIPE justification): as many IP as you need for free!
FREE Initial server setup and hardening: we make sure your server is ready to use, up-to-date and secured before it’s on your hands. We deliver this extra service for free!

About FuturaHost.Com
We’re an Industrial and Business Class ISP with facilities in Fremont (USA), London (UK) and Trento (Italy) and we’ve been providing high quality hosting services for 7 years. Hundreds of customers around the globe trust in our specialized and dedicated team and in our high reliability and high availability facilities, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our headquarters are located in Trento, Italy, and we're one of the few ISP capable of providing multi-language support: English, Italian and Spanish.

US Facility
HE data center, Fremont, California.
IP to ping:
Speed test:
Speed test:

UK Facility
RedBus II – Aexiomus, London.
IP to ping:
Speed test:
Speed test:

Full unmetered 50 Mbps port : €1299.00 per month
Full unmetered 100 Mbps port: €1999.00 per month
Server Management (Fully Managed Server): €40 per month

For further information please visit our web site www.futurahost.com

Send your inquiries and orders to info[at]futurahost.com. Please quote this thread or use Subject: PromoDualMarchUn