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11-24-2010, 11:24 AM
Supportex.net (http://supportex.net/) is an EU-based outsourced IT-consulting and server management company found in 1998.
Our professional staff provides 24x7 outsourced remote Linux server administration services.
We offer wide range of server management services for your projects, from setup to troubleshooting.

Our services include:

initial server setup and hardening;
appropriate Linux configuration, optimization and tuning;
pro-active software updates, security patches;
customizing operating system files, kernel re-compiles;
security audit, custom security measures and server side firewall solutions;

Tasks commonly involved in managing a server:

web server administration (Apache, lighttpd, nginx etc) ;
DNS server administration (primary and secondary servers, caching servers);
load balancing setup, cluster solutions;
server database backends setup (such as Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL);
latest software updates installation.
backup procedures setup and restoration, including databases;

Network monitoring:

uptime and web services monitoring (http, https, smtp, ftp, dns, etc.);
databases uptime and performance monitoring;
software/hardware RAID monitoring (Adaptec, HP, 3ware, etc);

If you have any questions about services provided by our company please contact us at info@supportex.net.