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11-26-2010, 12:01 AM
Koddos.com - Affordable and Effective Ddos Hosting Solutions. At Koddos we offer affordable, effective and reliable ddos protected hosting. Being in the business for over 3 years we have developed methods in which very little if any advanced network protections are needed, we are able to utilize technologies and methods where we can effectively combat all types of modern ddos attacks on the server level saving you hundreds even thousands of dollars. Each site is isolated with it's own dedicated resources and one attacked customer will not effect others on the server in the least. We can handle 99.9% of all modern attacks with our basic plans, no need for advanced network filtering or mitigation proxies. Why pay more when you can be protected for less?

Most ddos protected companies these days greatly exaggerate the size of attack in order to get client to upgrade to bigger plans or as an excuse to why they cannot keep their site up. At koddos you get nothing but honest answers from our staff and management regarding attack size. We never make you upgrade to a plan you do not need and we never bait and switch. We will also provide all logs and stats upon request, and you can be guaranteed that if you went to a third party for verification of attack size you will get the same exact results as we provided.

Whether you are under attack or want protection from potential attacks koddos is the solution for you.

Medium Risk Ddos Protected Hosting (https://koddos.com/medium-risk-hosting.html)
KoDDos medium risk protected hosting is for all general content web sites. Strict policy concerning investment and other high risk sites on these plans. If you have any investment site such as HYIP, Penny stock, monitor or similar sites please do not waste our time and yours by signing up for these plans, we will terminate immediately.

High Risk Ddos Protected Hosting (https://koddos.com/high-risk-hosting.html)
Hosting for all types of high risk web sites such as investment, hyip. stock and similar sites. If you have any questions about your site please ask before purchasing.

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