View Full Version : Dedicated 2.0 Ghz CPU Core/2 GB RAM $ 59.95 Windows VPS

12-02-2010, 05:15 AM
Get the power of dedicated server, at almost half the price of a dedicated server with JodoHost Windows Hyper-V VPS Server.

JodoHost is a reputed name in Hosting Industry. It is managing over 100,000+ websites, 200 servers and has customers in 100 Countries.

You may now get power of a full server with Dedicated Core, IO and RAM. This service runs on Windows Hyper-V. It comes with Windows Web Edition OS installed. JodoHost customer can run demanding business application on these VPS Servers. For webhosting needs, our customers have a choice of Plesk or WebsitePanel as hosting Control Panel. JodoHost team will install Plesk when ordered. Our team will do free install of WebsitePanel, with any of the Support Plan, when ordered.

Please have a look at our Hyper-V packages at http://jodohost.com/windows-vps.asp and let me know if you have any question regarding this service.