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03-17-2006, 04:41 PM
Whether you have a hobby, own a big business or your just a an average person. We have hosting plans that will fit your every need.

All of our hosting plans come included with:

Live chat/Phone/Email support
99.9% up time
30 day money back guarantee
Auto-Installer (70+ Preinstalled Scripts)
XP Evolution (Theme that provides ultimate customization for all clients, including resellers)
Latest cPanel
Free Site Builder
Free daily backups

We offer incredibly priced plans.
Why don't we just show you the pick of the litter:

Web Hosting
Personal Plan
5gb of space
75gb of bandwidth
$9.99 a month
To see more of these plans visit http://www.xeserve.com/hosting.html

Reseller Hosting
Silver Plan
5gb of space
50gb of bandwidth
WHM/Unlimited Domains
$9.99 a month
To see more of these plans visit http://www.xeserve.com/reseller.html

Dedicated Hosting
Basic Plan
Celeron 2.45GHz
512mb of ram
80gb hard drive
$94.99 a month
To see more of these plans visit http://www.xeserve.com/dedicated.html

Questions and Answers:

Why should I buy web hosting from you instead of your competitors?

We offer a more personalized solution for all of our clients. You can customize any part of your hosting package to fit your needs as our goal is to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Over the course of hosting with us you will get to know us personally and we will get to know you to better understand your needs and service.

Do you offer a free consultation, initial visit, analysis, website move services, or better customer service?

The simple answer is Yes! We provide almost all the services in relation to hosting to fit your needs and become your one stop solution. We will help you customize what you want and what you need for you website at no extra cost to you

What are the most important benefits or results your customers will achieve from your web hosting services?

Hosting with us, you will not only feel more comfortable about hosting in general but you will also have the opportunity to learn. We are here for all of our clients to service what you need and when you need it. We will help you along the way of your venture and you can learn along side us as well. Our more personalized solutions fit snugly into everything from a regular website all about you to a small business website.

What can you do better than anyone else? Do you possess hard-to-find or specialized expertise?

We aren't cheap when it comes to quality. We hire the best administrators in the industry to monitor our servers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We are here to answer your questions either by email, chat or telephone so we can overcome your problem with a solution as quickly as possible so we can both move on to bigger tasks.

What makes your products and services more outstanding, unique, and more desirable than your competitors?

We not only offer hosting packages but we combine it all in one. With one hosting package you receive unlimited technical support and a combined list of our offered services so you don't have to go looking around on the Internet yourself. We will customize any solution the way you want it whether you are a beginner or expert.

A list of extras you will receive:
- Auto-installer: Provides over 71 pre-installed scripts for you to install at the click of a mouse (http://cpskins.com/autoinstall.php)
- XP Evolution Theme: This is the type of theme that is great for beginners and easy to use. You can customize your control panel the way you want it and reseller's can customize it for their customers for how they want it. (http://cpanelskindepot.com/)

Do you keep customers informed with the news?

Yes, In fact you don't have to visit a special page or get bothered by a newsletter. We bring the news to you in your control panel. We always list the current new and updates there so you can catch up with the latest news and add a new script for your website at the same time.

Do you have the lowest prices or the highest quality products in the hosting industry?

We offer the best packages at the lowest possible price without compromising quality. Our goal is foremost in quality to service you the best. We stand behind the service we offer with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Do you provide the fastest service, the strongest guarantee, longest hours, the best SLA, or better follow up?

Our average response time for an email ticket is less than 5 minutes during peak hours in EST. We provide you with 99.9% up time each month so your website is up the longest with no problem whatsoever. We have optimized our servers with the best security possible and the fastest response times so your website responds quicker no matter what time of day it is.

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