View Full Version : Cheap And Reliable DDoS Protected Hosting

12-19-2010, 10:25 AM
Hello Everyone, I'm new here, I have been browsing the forum for quite a while and I really liked it.

I'm proud to say I'm a giver and since I found this forum to be so awesome I want to share with you guys a good web hosting that a found the other day.

Its called DOSPROTECT (http://ddosdefense.info) and yes I know their plans seem pricey but they are the only providers in the hosting industry to really guarantee that your site will survive a DDoS attack up to 10 Gbps (the same amount of the wikileaks attack). So if you want some reliable and DDoS proof hosting then DOSPROTECT (http://ddosdefense.info) is your best option.

They are also offering a 15% discount on all orders if you use the coupon code SAVE15, this code will expire on 31 January 2011 so be sure to order before and save some money!