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03-23-2006, 09:29 AM
http://www.88cent.com We offer a new site with incredibly low web hosting only 88 cents per month ( no additional or hidden fees! ) for 500 MB space and 5 GB traffic. You will get amazing deal :

* PHP, ASP, JSP scripts and servlets support.
* Unlimited number of emails, aliases, forwards and basket.
* Access via FTP/s, WebFTP, WebDAV and Subversion.
* E-mail accounts administration through web interface.
* Mail access through POP3/s, IMAP/s and WebMail.
* DNS management incl. DNS administration.
* Support of WAP pages, cron, custom limits and quotas.
* Unlimited databases MySQL, PostgreSQL and FireBird.
* Access via HTTPS, forwards to another domain.
* On-line antivirus email check, SpamAssassin.
* Statistic graph of hits and traffic.
* Automatic answering, unlimited number of subdomains.
* Passworder folder access, forbid IP.
* Change of pages 401, 403, 404, 406 and 500.
* Everything can be set in web administration !

We are also looking for resellers. Contact us on contact form in http://www.88cent.com to get some info how to resell