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12-23-2010, 06:46 AM
Christmas week is full of great offers. Don’t get confused! All you need is SPEED, RELIABILITY and COST SAVING. Here is the offer that will meet all your needs within an hour.

TEST our dedicated solutions for 1 week period. In case you will be satisfied with test results – you can continue using it or any other solutions for a fee (can be found below). Please note, that we have to conclude an agreement with you, even if you'ļl refuse to use the server after the test. No obligations and no fee if you refuse, but we need obligations and liabilities to be providedfor the test period.. Also, please note, that the number of servers, available for test is limited!

Also please NOTE: The available storage capacity is almost UNLIMITED!
Any server with any storage solution! Quote your personal solution!
More than that - your solution will be installed and ready-to-use in 60 minutes!

Find out where and how your servers will be colocated and maintained:
YouTube video of Data center „Riga” <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qk7MkUWYUgE> (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qk7MkUWYUgE)<http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qk7MkUWYUgE> (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qk7MkUWYUgE)
& datacentermap.com <http://www.datacentermap.com/company/deac_datacenters.html> (http://www.datacentermap.com/company/deac_datacenters.html)<http://www.datacentermap.com/company/deac_datacenters.html> (http://www.datacentermap.com/company/deac_datacenters.html)

The VPS we offer you are based on several powerful DELL PowerEdge 2950 & R710 with 32 to 196 GB RAM and 2 Quad Core processors!

● VDS 1 ●
2 x CPU
RAM: 256MB (guaranteed)
IP: 2
1000Mbps port
Price: EUR 18/mo (EUR 15 if order for 2 years)

● VDS 2 ●
2 x CPU
RAM: 512MB (guaranteed)
IP: 2
1000Mbps port
Price: EUR 28/mo (EUR 20 if order for 2 years)

● VDS 3 ●
2 x CPU
RAM: 1GB (guaranteed)
IP: 2
1000Mbps port
Price: EUR 49/mo (EUR 36 if order for 2 years)

● VDS 4 ●
2 x CPU
RAM: 2GB (guaranteed)
IP: 2
1000Mbps port
Price: EUR 79/mo (EUR 60 if order for 2 years)

● VDS 5 ●
2 x CPU
RAM: 4GB (guaranteed)
IP: 4
1000Mbps port
Price: EUR 98/mo (EUR 80 if order for 2 years)

Now we are also in Russia - DEAC has opened a representation office in Moscow! Welcome!

Order now! < http://www.deacdc.ru/virtualeu >

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Contact us through our 24x7 Live Chat support on our website or mail us at info@deac.eu<mailto:info@deac.eu> (info@deac.eu)
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