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01-10-2011, 03:22 AM
Glittering Blue Diamonds Magento Theme

We create beautiful themes for your Magento store. This Magento theme charms with its light blue color scheme and the absence of diversion. If you are looking for best and affordable Magento Theme and design services then you can have a look on our Blue diamonds magento themes which will be attracted by you. We are very proud to include our very own Diamonds themes in this list for Magento themes. Smooth top navigation menu, Light Box effects in Product Page, New Products showcase on the homepage, Easily noticeable shopping cart with a quick view. These Magento themes did and extensible which attracts the users to visit again and again.


Smooth top navigation menu
Light Box effects in Product Page
New Products showcase on the homepage
Easily noticeable shopping cart with a quick view
My Cart displayed throughout the entire site
Fast loading
Completely customizable
Satisfies the highest programming and design requirements
Step by Step installation guide

Here is view of our Blue Diamonds Magento Theme.


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