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01-12-2011, 10:47 AM
BreezeHost.net (http://BreezeHost.net)
Never feel cold again.....

Who We Are:

We started BreezeHost last year in mid July and have expanded with over few hundred clients who are happy with us, we have grown our product ranges from just selling shared hosting to now selling virtual private servers and very soon dedicated servers with our own custom dedicated server control panel for the customers as well. We know you can't wait , we can't to for the final release near July!

BreezeHost Server Specification:

All VPS's are powered by OpenVZ technology with SolusVM control panel. We give our clients a choice of freedom with FREE Instant VPS setup. Each VPS is provisioned instantly after the payment is made.
BreezeHost utilizes in only the latest servers and equipment for our VPS Servers. All our VPS Nodes have minimum configuration of a Intel Server, Atleast 12GB RAM with RAID Hard Drives and they are all monitored 24x7x364.

Our VPS Node(s) are Hardware RAID protected and monitored 24 hours a day..

BreezeHost All features below are included in all VPS's

• Equal CPU Share
• SolusVM Control Panel
• OpenVZ Technology
• Free SSL*
• FULL Root Access
• TUN/TAP Enabled by default
• Multiple Linux OS Choices
• Free Website Transfer
• Instant Setup
• 100mbps Port Speed

*available on USA server and upon request(ticket)

BreezeHost download test file:

USA location:

DC: Chicago, IL Datacentre (USA)
Test IP:
Test File:

Nl location:

DC: Amsterdam, NL Datacentre (NL)
Test IP:
Test file:

Coupon code:

Use 20lifetime coupon code while sign up and get 20% off recurring and free management for initial 30 days.

The prices listed below are without applying promotional code.

OpenVZ Plans:

•Equal CPU Share
•Disk Space 10GB
•Bandwidth 250GB!
•RAM 256MB
•Burst RAM 512MB


Order USA (https://my.breezehost.net/cart.php?a=add&pid=8&billingcycle=monthly)
Order NL (https://my.breezehost.net/cart.php?a=add&pid=26&billingcycle=monthly)


•Equal CPU Share
•Disk Space 10GB
•Bandwidth 350GB!
•RAM 384MB
•Burst RAM 600MB


Order USA (https://my.breezehost.net/cart.php?a=add&pid=10&billingcycle=monthly)
Order NL (https://my.breezehost.net/cart.php?a=add&pid=27&billingcycle=monthly)


•Equal CPU Share
•Disk Space 10GB
•Bandwidth 500GB!
•RAM 512MB
•Burst RAM 1024MB

Order USA (https://my.breezehost.net/cart.php?a=add&pid=10&billingcycle=monthly)
Order NL (https://my.breezehost.net/cart.php?a=add&pid=28&billingcycle=monthly)

BreezeHost Operating Systems:

• CentOS 5 32bit
• CentOS 5 64Bit
• Debian 5 32Bit
• Debian 5 64bit
• Ubuntu 9.04 32Bit
• Ubuntu 9.04 64Bit
• Fedora-13 32Bit
• Fedora-13 64Bit
• Suse-11.1 32Bit
• Suse-11.1 64Bit

Payment options:

• Paypal
• Moneybooker

BreezeHost VPS Upgrades:

# Additional RAM(Per 256MB) - $5/mo
# Additional Disk(Per GB) - $2/mo
# Additional Bandwidth(Per 10 GB) - $2/mo
# Additional IP(Per 1IP) - $1.50/mo

BreezeHost Control Panel:

For USA location
• DirectAdmin - $7/mo
• cPanel/WHM - $10/mo
• PLESK Monthly Leased License (100 Domains) - $30.00/mo
• PLESK Monthly Leased License (Unlimited Domains) - $40.00/mo

For NL location

• DirectAdmin(Unlimited Domains) - $5.00/mo
• cPanel/WHM(Unlimited Domains) - $19/mo

BreezeHost Additional Features

• 24x7 Email and chat support
• Support through Skype by owner itself.
Skype ID: breezehost
:30 PM to 7 PM GMT