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Tear2 Nick
03-30-2006, 10:47 PM
Tear2Hosting Launches Web Hosting Services

Rockville, Maryland - March 30, 2006

Tear2Hosting.com, a Maryland web hosting services provider has announced the launch of its web hosting services. These services include VPS hosting solutions, dedicated hosting, as well as colocation services. What sets Tear2Hosting ahead of the pack of other hosting providers is the quality of service and the unmatched reliability of its datacenter. Their load balancing scheme has been custom developed using RSYNC commands running along with HeartBeart, an application which allows them to automatically transfer traffic in the event of a machine failure.

The VPS Hosting Packages offer services starting as low as $14.95 per month and run on some of the most sophisticated Intel and AMD Based Systems in the world. Powered by name brand servers like Dell and Sun, each server is loaded with multiple processors, high memory options, and huge SCSI storage arrays running RAID operations. These servers run in clustered pairs which allow the servers to balance loads between two separate machines running identical file system structures. With that in place, the load balancing also forecasts problems before they take place allowing failover operations at the switch to trigger; this will redirect IP Addresses in the event of a server crash.

The server clusters are loaded with a very small amount of clients, which allow the machines to fully handle the promised bandwidth amounts. Unlike most hosting companies that will oversell bandwidth and server resources, Tear2Hosting promises that server resources will not be oversold and that every client will be able to successfully utilize the entire amount of services purchased. With multiple Cisco & Juniper Routers connected to a network of over 8 bandwidth providers, Tear2Hosting is able to route data on the shortest route, thus decreasing the load times and increasing download speed. Tear2Hosting offers a pure mix of premium level 1 bandwidth from providers such as AT&T and Tiscali, as well as level 3 providers such as Cogent. This mixed bandwidth allows Tear2Hosting to route around problem areas as they arise, leading to unmatched dependability. Located in the Equinix IBX Datacenter in Ashburn, Virginia, the main backbone for Tear2Hosting utilizes the carrier-neutral datacenter to arrange peering contracts with over 95% of the United States end-user market and over 55% of the European end-user market. These peering contracts allow for Tear2Hosting to deliver even faster service to our customers' end-user clients.

Tear2's VPS plans all offer the hosting of unlimited domains, unlimited email addresses, as well as Cpanel. The VPS plans also offer multiple IP addresses with their VPS plans ranging from 2 IPs with their super plan, up to 30 IP addresses with their unlimited plan. Spacing these addresses out between multiple class C IP's may also be done by special request. Tear2's also offers great plans on colocation, with bandwidth prices as low as $14.50 per mbps.

For more information about Tear2Hosting and its offerings, please visit www.Tear 2Hosting.com (http://www.tear2hosting.com/index.php?referrer_id=1)

Further questions, special requests, and sales inquiries may be directed to:
Nicholas D
E-Mail: nick@tear2hosting.com
ICQ # 337-834-303


Tear2Hosting is Having a Special on Dedicated Servers to Celebrate Our Launch!

Pentium D 2.4GHz
120GB Hard Drive
1MBPS Included, Additional at $18/mbps

$149.99 setup fee, $149.99 per month
***With the agreement to any one year dedicated hosting contract, the hardware is yours after the contract period is up!***

Need a custom machine built for your needs? Contact nick@tear2hosting.com or by ICQ at 337-834-303