View Full Version : ★★ 1 Gbps Xen VPS, Kansas DC, Premium Bandwidth, From $7.90/mo ★★

01-30-2011, 10:12 AM
CH Hosting Expanded VPS Hosting Service to Kansas City!

We're proud to announce the VPS hosting service expansion to Kansas data center!
Our VPS services now covering area of center and Southeastern USA, and center Europe!

With our new node in Kansas equipped with 1 Gbps uplink port, able to serve customers from all around world who look for good latency within US and part of outside US. At this moment we only offer Xen VPS with 1 Gbps and will follow by OpenVZ VPS later!

Suitable for business application, business hosting, gameserver....etc, as long as it is legal and comply to ours and datacenter policies!

Xen Virtual Private Server - 1Gbps Available in Kansas NOW! [ Order Now (http://chhost.net/xenvps.htm) ]
Stability, virtual dedicated environment.

XEN-V128 - 128MB RAM / 256MB Swap - 10GB RAID Protected Disk Space - 200GB Bandwidth - 1 IP - $7.90/mo

XEN-V256 - 256MB RAM / 512MB Swap - 20GB RAID Protected Disk Space - 300GB Bandwidth - 1 IP - $11.90/mo

XEN-V384 - 384MB RAM / 768MB Swap - 30GB RAID Protected Disk Space - 300GB Bandwidth - 1 IP - $15.90/mo

XEN-V512 - 512MB RAM / 1GB Swap - 40GBRAID Protected Disk Space - 600GB Bandwidth - 2 IPs - $19.90/mo

XEN-V768 - 768MB RAM / 1.5GB Swap - 50GBRAID Protected Disk Space - 800GB Bandwidth - 2 IPs - $29.90/mo

XEN-V1G - 1GB RAM / 2GB Swap - 60GB RAID Protected Disk Space - 800GB Bandwidth - 2 IPs - $39.90/mo

All new orders must pass our fraud verification process before the server in active.

What strictly not allowed in Kansas node?

1) Unsolicited or Commercial Bulk Email
2) Pornography is not welcome
3) Gambling or related software, services or products
4) Any others violated to Kansas and US law, or datacenter policies.