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01-31-2011, 11:44 AM
HostingRQ.com - Royal Quality Hosting

At HostingRQ.com (http://HostingRQ.com) we offer a unique style of hosting in which we focus on providing a maxmimum quality service that stands above and beyond the run of the mill budget and wal-mart style hosts. We target users who do not want or need to deal with outages, suspensions and other petty things when their site gets a sudden burst of traffic, an attack or uses more resources then normal.

When you use HostingRQ (http://HostingRQ.com) simply sit back and leave it to us, No need to look for hidden terms, ridiculous resource restrictions or other loopholes on our site and terms because there are none. You get what you pay for period. Allocations are rock solid, there are practically no resource limitations and you can use 100% of your bandwidth and disk allotments no problem. We focus on providing the best possible service to our clients instead of running around looking for any little reason to suspend our clients and hit them up for more money or try to get them into dedicated servers/vps. Only under extreme circumstances we will ever suggest upgrades due to resource usage.

Our hosting servers are fully featured cloud based platforms in which no one client on the server can effect others no matter what the circumstance. Scripts installers and all user level permissions granted, even SSH access is standard. We pride ourselves in providing extensive security on the network, server and application levels - much more security then on average hosts. Nightly backups also standard. Come try us out today, All services guaranteed!

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