View Full Version : How to best add a blog in this situation.

03-03-2011, 01:19 AM
I'm thinking of adding a "latest news" section to our site.

The problem that I have though is that the site we use is a templated site and I am limited on some things that I can do. I can change title and meta tags and I can add any html or content to any page.

However, if I add a blog, the style is totally different than my site and it is listed as a subdomain of our site.

So, is it best for me to set up a wordpress blog and then iframe it into my site?

Or, perhaps I could do a blog and scrape the content and put it on my real estate site?

Or, I could simply write a page with each month's news items...but then it won't be optimized as well as if I do a page for each news item as in a blog.

Any ideas?