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04-18-2006, 02:39 PM
FAST, SECURE, and RELIABLE - e-Commerce Solutions - PCI Compliant Hosting Platform!

If you are selling products online, use caution when choosing a host! ArielHost is a global leader in e-Commerce solutions. Our e-Business grade hosting offers the following features:

Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance - Required if you are accepting credit cards on your web site. Free PCI scanning for your site included (a $149 value).
Our servers are audited daily by ScanAlert, the worlds largest independent web site security firm.
We create multiple off-site backups of all customer sites daily.
All of the bandwidth and drive space on our hosting plans is guaranteed - no suspensions or cancellations for using the plan you're paying for.
Through strategic partnerships, we are able to offer deep discounts on e-Commerce services, such as shopping carts, merchant accounts, voice over IP telephone service (VoIP), and more.

All of our hosting plans are backed by a 30-day money back guarantee and offer 24 hour toll-free telephone support.

Don't trust your critical business web site to a host that doesn't understand compliance and security!

Don't take our word for it either - see what a few of our clients (http://www.arielhost.com/clients.php) have to say about us!

A word about Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance, and why it matters to you:

Due to the increase in hacker activity and resulting consumer fears of using credit cards online, Visa and MasterCard have recently imposed a mandatory security standard for all merchants including Level 4, merchants processing less than 20,000 transactions a year.

As of June 30, 2005, you are required to be compliant with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) security standards or risk fines and permanent expulsion from card acceptance programs.

It is imperative that you act now to become compliant with the PCI security standards to avoid potential fines and being barred from transacting credit cards. Visa and MasterCard have imposed fines of more than $500,000 per event for non-compliance and data security compromises.

ArielHost (http://www.arielhost.com) is here to help. We have partnered with ScanAlert™ (http://www.scanalert.com), the world's largest Web site security certification service, to provide this service to our customers at no cost. That's right - we are offering FREE PCI Certification Scanning for one year with every hosting package (a $149 value).

Just obtaining certification for your web site is not enough. If your host is not PCI Compliant, you could also be at risk.

Every Plan Also Includes:

Unlimited Features:
* Unlimited Add-on Domains (Host multiple domains on one plan)
* Unlimited Sub-Domains
* Unlimited Email Accounts
* Unlimited Email Forwarders
* Unlimited Mailing Lists
* Unlimited Auto Responders
* Unimited Vacation Messages
* Unlimited mySQL Databases
* Unlimited Domain Pointers
* Unlimited FTP Accounts

Other STANDARD Features:
* Web Based Site Control Panel (DirectAdmin)
* Drag & Drop Site Creator Tool
* Dedicated IP Address
* Perl/CGI
* Shell Access
* Webalizer
* AWStats
* Raw Error Files
* Site Backup/Restore Utilities
* FrontPage Extensions
* Spam Filtering
* Web Based Email
* Raw Log Files
* Web Based File Manager
* Cron Jobs
* Custom Error Pages
* Apache Handlers
* .htaccess
* Directory Password Protection
* ... much more!

Included Scripts with 1-Click Installation:
Blogs / CMS / Portals
* b2evolution (blog)
* Pivot (blog)
* WordPress (blog)
* Coranto (cms)
* Drupal (cms)
* Joomla (portal)
* Mambo (portal)
* PHP-Nuke (portal)
* PostNuke (portal)
* Xoops (portal)
* Feed On Feeds (rss/blog)

e-Commerce / Business
* phpAdsNew (adverts)
* CubeCart (e-comm)
* osCommerce (e-comm)
* phpCOIN (e-comm)
* PHProjekt (e-comm)
* phpShop (e-comm)
* CS Live Help (support)
* Help Center Live 2 (support)
* SugarCRM (support)

Communities / Newsletters
* phpMyChat (chat)
* phpBB (forum)
* SMF (forum)
* FXMB Forum (forum)
* advGuestbook (guestbook)
* MediaWiki (wiki)

Files / Images / Lists
* SiteBar (bookmarks)
* phpMyFAQ (faqs)
* Directory (files)
* IP File Manager (files)
* php File Manager (files)
* Coppermine (gallery)
* Gallery (gallery)
* PHPLinks (links)
* Advanced Poll (poll/survey)
* phpESP (poll/survey)
* Simple Poll (poll/survey)
* Aardvark TS (statistics)
* phpMyCounter (statistics)

* CaLogic (calendar)
* Flat Calendar (calendar)
* WebCards (e-cards)
* Contact Form (email)
* PHPlist (email lists)
* phpFormGen (forms)
* sRecommender (recommend)
* Search Engine (search)

Personal Plans
P200: 200 MB Space, 10 GB Transfer - $9/month
P500: 500 MB Space, 15 GB Transfer - $11/month

Business Plans
B800: 800 MB Space, 25 GB Transfer - $13/month
B1000: 1 GB Space, 50 GB Transfer - $17/month

e-Commerce Plans
C2000: 2 GB Space, 75 GB Transfer - $24/month
C4000: 4 GB Space, 100 GB Transfer - $40/month

All bandwidth and drive space is guaranteed; no suspensions for using the plan you're paying for!

Visit www.arielhost.com for details.