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04-20-2011, 01:05 PM
Avail 15% off on all windows hosting, reseller hosting and other shared hosting packages from M6.Net using the coupon code 15April11, valid till 30th April 2011

Flex Windows Hosting Package from $6.55 per month


Run ASP.Net / SQL Server web applications; resell Windows Hosting Packages.

• Instant Setup - Get your account in 10 mins
• Instant Server Control with Easy to use Control Panel
• Fast Network, State of the Art Datacenters, Fast 24/7 Support
• 200 GB Space
• 1500 GB Transfer
• 20 Hosting Accounts
• 1 Static IP
• Unlim. FTP Logins
• 1 Application Pool
• 50 MySQL Databases
• 20 SQL Server Databases
• 50GB SQL Server Space
• Resell Sites
• Free Domain Life!*
• SmarterMail

• $10.2 per Month ($30 Setup)
• $101.15 per Year (save $70)
• $158.1 per 2 Years (save $162)

Flex is for designers, developers and entrepreneurs who need to get their sites up in the configuration they want. Flex gives you more than enough capacity to run a series of sites at once: your business, testing new site ideas, a few customers, your blog, your family's site and a few spare sites to try different web applications. Flex comes with the major scripting languages and enough databases (you choose SQL Server, MySQL, Access and FoxPro) to make every site dynamic and easy to update and maintain.
Flex is DotNetNuke ready. We have thousands of customers running DotNetNuke in their Flex package.

M6.Net Designer Reseller Hosting from $12.40 per month

http://www.m6.net/hosting-packages/Designer-unlimited-reseller-windows-hosting.aspx (http://www.m6.net/hosting-packages/Designer-unlimited-reseller-windows-hosting.aspx)

Unlimited websites, Unlimited mail servers, 100 MS SQL Server Databases.

• Instant Setup - be running 10 mins
• Instant Server Control - Easy to use Control Panel
• Fast Network - Fast Servers - Fast 24/7 Live Chat Support

• 400 GB Space
• 2000 GB Transfer
• Unlim. Web Sites
• 10 Static IP's
• Unlim. FTP Logins
• 5 Application Pools
• 200 MySQL Databases
• 200 SQL Server DBs
• 200GB SQL Server Space
• Unlimited Reseller
• Free Domain Life!*
• Free SSL Cert Included
• SmarterMail

• $21.25 per Month ($30 Setup)
• $169.15 per Year (save $146)
• $297.5 per 2 Years (save $310)

The Designer package not only allows you to resell but you can also promote your design skills by designing an unlimited number of information sites, affilate sites, templates and any other web site you can think of. You can also show off your skills implementing web applications using SQL Server or MySQL databases and maybe even become the next YouTube or Digg in the process. Build and show off a growing portfolio of great web sites.

04-21-2011, 01:33 AM
If you are familiar with the Windows operating system, having a Windows based server will make the learning process much easier. You won’t have to worry about learning a new language just to maintain your website. For beginners, this is a definite plus.

02-14-2012, 03:42 AM
Currently I am using VMware hosting. I like one of its feature called vMotion. The vMotion feature from VMware allows us to perform live migrations of any virtual machine across our hosting infrastructure in order to load balance servers or provide your virtual dedicated servers with extra resources during peak usage. Private Cloud (http://www.virtualmachines.net/private-cloud/)