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05-01-2011, 06:31 PM
Overvolt.com (http://www.OverVolt.com) is pleased to announce their new "Hosting Reseller Package (https://www.overvolt.com/hosting_reseller_package.html)". This package can be added to any reseller account and gives the reseller every tool needed to sell webhosting. There is even our VPS line (https://www.overvolt.com/vps_servers.html) (your choice of Xen or OpenVZ) VPS accounts with this package already attached (https://www.overvolt.com/vps_reseller.html) and added to the price of the VPS.

In anticipation of increased VPS sales we have even added an brand new Xen based VPS server to our system. the server's specifications are:
TWO Quad Core Xeon 5506 (http://ark.intel.com/Product.aspx?id=37096)
16GB Memory
4each 500GB drives in Hardware RAID-10
100 Mbps port
SolusVM Control Panel
We never over sell our equipment!

The reseller package costs $25/month and includes all of the following.
Fully managed Support for your VPS / Dedicated Server. $20 value included (Third party programs not included) End User Support for your hosting clients on VPS accounts is included. $20 value included Dedicated Server End User Support up to 300 accounts $40/mo - UNLIMITED accounts $60/mo We use Vision helpdesk and a generic server to support your clients. SSL Security Certificate included. ($30 value) Encryption for safe e-Commerce transactions. Custom Nameservers (NS1.YOURCOMPANY.COM - NS2.YOURCOMPANY.COM) 3 Private IP addresses. Dedicated servers have 5 IPs included. (up to $72 value included) WHMCS automated hosting software license included free. eNom domain reseller account. Sell domains at your cost of $9.95 A $995 VALUE! (.com, .net, .org and more) SSL reseller account included! Sell SSL certificates starting at just $19.95 Sell Domain ID Protection and almost all of the products offered by eNom. Root access (install whatever you want on your server) Server and VPS monitoring included. ($9/mo Value! Included)

How can we offer all this for such a small price? Most companies charge twice this price just to support your clients. The answer is that our company has reinvested almost all of it's profits back into the company so we already own most of these services offered above.

WAIT! Want to her some mind blowing news? In addition to all this we are having the biggest VPS sale in our history. The savings you can realize can be large. To help get accounts on our new Xen VPS server we are currently having a ADDITIONAL 30% OFF SALE. An additional 30% will be deducted from your initial VPS payment on any new Xen VPS package. This is including our Xen VPS with the rseller price already included.

So? How much can I save you ask. Suppose you buy a Xen VPS4 and pay for one year in advance. Paying a year in advance already gives youa 10%price break and the 30% will be added to that savings. You will be saving 40% or $1,026 * 0.6 = $615.60 payment for one years hosting on a top of the line machine hosted in one of the fastest, modern datacenters in the nation. That's a savings of $410.40! You don't have to buy a year in advance. You will get the 30% discount when you pay quarterly and semi annually too. The longer you sign up for the more you save.

To get your extra 30% savings use the promo code - xen30off - (don't include " - ") when you checkout.

Just think as a bonus you can buy domains for yourself at the low rate of $9.95/yr for the most common TLDs like.con, .net, .biz, .info etc. AND! a GeoTrust RapidSSL your price will be just $19.95. The RapidSSL site charges $49/year. You can easly get $29 ~ $39/year which is just mre profit for your company.