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06-16-2011, 01:03 AM
Hostings Plus (http://hostingsplus.com) is a web hosting service designed to offer high performance and high quality hosting products. We are a small hosting supplier based on the Isle of Man and have recently launched our services for sale to the general public.

Our Litespeed Powered Shared hosting packages hosted on secure and fast high spec servers for maximum up-time and performance. Our packages are not oversold, you get every byte allocated to you. if you are looking for reliable hosting without all the common loopholes and stipulations that other budget hosts keep in hidden terms then this is the hosting for you. No hidden terms, no fine print, simply quality hosting!

Rich features such as litespeed web server, cpanel, cloudlinux OS, softaculous scripts installers, extensive security and much more are standard on all of our servers. All account features enabled, we will also help accommodate any request you may have for managing your web sites and applications.
All shared hosting packages include any website script fully installed and ready to start making money for a great price of $10, only available at Hostings Plus in association with Turnkeys Plus. (http://www.turnkeysplus.com/)

See our Linux and Windows Shared hosting starting at $4.95 HERE (http://hostingsplus.com/shared-hosting/)

See our Litespeed Powered Reseller Hosting HERE

HostingsPlus also offers Ddos Protected hosting, we provide the best and most affordable ddos protected hosting on the net. True protection allocations as well as guaranteed user level resources such as cpu/ram and disk usage. 99% of today’s attacks are low bandwidth server level get attacks designed to exhaust resources, this is an attack that is easily protected on our plans as well as high bandwidth attacks such as udp, syn, icmp attacks are covered. No loopholes or bait and switch scams like other ddos protected hosts, no inflated proxying costs. You get real time stats of each attack strength and time as well as any other requested information for legal purposes such as logs and ips.
We guarantee our service all the way and we know you will be satisfied. If you are under attack or need protection in the event of attack our service is the best and most viable on the net! Fully featured cpanel with unlimited features standard, any reasonable software or library request honored for custom apps.

See our Affordable Ddos Protected Hosting HERE (http://hostingsplus.com/ddos-protected-hosting/)

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