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08-02-2011, 03:43 AM
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I would like to share some Benefits of a CMS :

Besides making the task of managing a website much less complicated, a CMS also offer other valuable benefits. One such perk is offering built-in applications such as blogs, contact management, databases, forums, calendars, mail forms, newsletters, search engine, product management and a site map for easier navigation.

Security is another benefit of utilizing a CMS.
The basic security features include: login history, content approval, e-mail verification, SSL compatibility and session management just to name a few. Commerce capabilities are another huge CMS advantage. Those seeking an e-commerce venture appreciate features such as affiliate tracking, shopping carts, wish lists, inventory management and pluggable sales’ transaction data information. Finally, support is yet another benefit of using a CMS.

The power players in the CMS industry understand with the fluidity of code being updated, users must have quick access to dependable support options. As a user, you can expect to find readily available online manuals, commercial support and training, online assistance, professional hosting, and the developer community.

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