View Full Version : What do you think: Is Blackhat SEO helpful or harmful for website optimization?

08-09-2011, 06:17 AM
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What do you think: Is Blackhat SEO helpful or harmful for website optimization?

Many people know that Blackhat SEO is generally used to get higher search engine rankings in an unusual manner. Most blackhat SEO techniques break rules of search engines. Black Hat SEO is lucrative; as it works and can get achieve most SEO goals in short period of time. Making doorway pages brings in lots of pages indexed in search engines and redirecting them to your main site. With all the keywords stuffed in these pages, you get lot of targeted search engine traffic. Using cloaking you can display normal pages to users and different to search engine spiders, which helps when u need to sacrifice some visual appearance of the page the text content of the site is made search engine friendly.

By using of black hat SEO techniques you can easily achieve short and long term gains, with lot of targeted traffic driven to your website. With black hat SEO, you gain an advantage against your competitors. You can beat the Google search engine algorithms, smartly with changing your site coding i.e. with a black hat SEO technique. Many affiliates have been using black hat SEO to gain an unfair advantage & have been successful with it, making tons of cash. You should to know the cutting edge SEO exploits, to with the battle using black hat SEO. Keyword stuffing, cloaking, doorway pages, redirects, hidden text, code swapping & duplicate content are some of the relative terms associated with black hat SEO, but there is much more to it than just using them. You should to know, what you’re doing in a right way. If you link to unrelated sites or bad neighborhoods, it can really hurt your search engine rankings.

08-09-2011, 03:07 PM
I personally believe that it is useful for websites that are for short period for time. But if your website is permanent than you must avoid it.