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06-07-2006, 12:41 PM
Here at felosi-inc we give the customer top quality hosting and prompt support for the lowest possible prices. We are a small company so we do not overcrowd the server with hundreds of sites and processes so your site or shell will be fast and responsive. We offer free and timely support via email, phone, or instant messenger. All accounts come with plesk control panel and top of the line bandwidth up to 150 mbs. Our terms of service are very reasonable, types of sites accepted range from security sites, computer discussion, development , gaming, free speech, and any other legal site that adheres to the datacenter's terms.
You will not have to wait days on support, most of the time all support issues are resolved in hours. We have nearly no downtime, only for reboots, guaranteed at 99.9%. We will also install any cms you want free of charge.

Webhosting Plans

1000mb space, 6000mb transfer
Plesk Control Panel
$3.75 Monthly
Order Now (http://felosi-inc.net/mod.php?mod=orders&ord_prod_id=1)

2500mb space, 15000mb transfer
Plesk Control Panel
$8.00 Monthly
Order Now (http://felosi-inc.net/mod.php?mod=orders&ord_prod_id=2)

5000mb space, 30000mb transfer
Plesk Control Panel
$15.00 Monthly
Order Now (http://felosi-inc.net/mod.php?mod=orders&ord_prod_id=3)

Gaming Site
2500mb space, 15000mb transfer
Plesk Control Panel
1 process for teamspeak or ventrillo (up to 30 users)
$10.00 Monthly
Order Now (http://felosi-inc.net/mod.php?mod=orders&ord_prod_id=4)

Site with IRC
2500mb space, 15000mb transfer
Plesk Control Panel
1 IRCD process, 2 background processes
$12.00 Monthly
Order Now (http://felosi-inc.net/mod.php?mod=orders&ord_prod_id=5)

All plans include mysql, php, perl, python, and cgi support. Features are email accounts, forwarders, autoresponders, anti-virus mail scanning, subdomains, web users, and much more. SSH access can be purchased as addon for things like teamspeak, ventrillo, eggdrops, ircd, psybnc, and more. Prices based on resource and connection needs.

Unix Shell Plans
Contact us via contact form here (http://felosi-inc.net/mod.php?mod=mail&mode=contact) and tell us what you have in mind to run, how many users, how many processes, and any other instructions and we will contact you with price. We can assure you that it will be much more affordable than other major shell hosting companies. You may also install your own teamspeak or ventrillo server.