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08-21-2011, 01:27 PM
NeverDDoS.com (http://www.neverddos.com) Hosting Services is proudly owned and operated by StreamIRC Ltd., an Internet Service and Technology Provider. StreamIRC Ltd., was founded in November of 2006 and is headquartered in Waterford, Ireland. Our entire purpose is to provide you with the tools and resources to help your on-line business succeed; we understand that we cannot succeed unless you do! NeverDDoS.com (http://www.neverddos.com) also specializes in DDoS Protection (http://www.neverddos.com), DDoS Mitigation services (http://www.neverddos.com/ddos_mitigation.html). For those who are hosting targeted services or simply want complete peace of mind, we are offering strong DDoS Protection (http://www.neverddos.com/ddos_protected_hosting.html) on our entire network. Our high-tech infrastructure will be able to keep your business on-line, at all times and under any circumstances.

Our NEVER DDoS Protection (http://www.neverddos.com/ddos_protection_anti_spoofing.html) System defends against all types of DDoS Attacks (http://www.neverddos.com/ddos_attack.html), enabling businesses to identify and block malicious traffic without compromising their mission-critical and revenue-bearing operations. NEVER DDoS Protection (http://www.neverddos.com/ddos_protection.html) System uses advanced anomaly recognition capabilities to dynamically apply integrated source verification and anti-spoofing technologies in conjunction with high-performance malicious traffic filtering to identify and block individual attack flows while allowing legitimate transactions to pass. Due to the fact that DDoS Attacks (http://www.neverddos.com/ddos_attack.html) are becoming increasingly easier to carry out, website owners must remain vigilant to protect online business ventures as well as important data in the event of an unpredictable DDoS Attacks (http://www.neverddos.com/ddos_attack.html).

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Thank you in advance!