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09-21-2011, 08:30 AM
SSL Affiliate Program - TheSSLstore.com is one of the largest SSL certificate providers globally and now it’s offering Highest Paying Affiliate Programs "SSL Affiliate" to affiliate community where one can sale SSL certificates using their robust affiliate tracking system and earn commission.

Earn commissions for a full year and maximize your income

You’ve got plenty of traffic coming to your site. Why not give all your visitors a way to gain the confidence of their potential buyers and get paid for it? Virtually every business that collects information or payments online knows the importance of Security Certificates (SSL) to build customer trust and protect personal and financial data. Now you can help business owners give their customers peace of mind while creating a new source of income for your business - automatically.

How does The SSL Store Affiliate program work?

1. The site visitor clicks your affiliate link
2. The IP address is logged and a cookie is placed for tracking purposes
3. The site visitor links to our site and may or may not purchase a package at that time
4. If the visitor orders a package on that visit you receive your commission
5. If the site visitor does not purchase during his first visit but comes back to the site within 90 days and makes a purchase you still receive commission.

How much does The SSL Store Affiliate Program pay?

1. 10% for Retail Customers - The simplest, most affordable way for business owners to earn their customer’s trust, increase sales, and protect personal and financial information using SSL certificates.
2. 5% for Enterprise Customers - Streamlined solutions for Corporations, Educational Organizations, Government Agencies, State, County and City Entities, and Civic Organizations to manage all their SSL certificates under one control panel.
3. 5% for Resellers - The industry’s most flexible and lucrative program for IT and web solution providers looking to resell SSL certificates.