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09-27-2011, 07:55 AM
A dream of any person is freedom. We can provide you with dedicated servers with unlimited capabilities. They are located at our new Data Center, which conforms to all international quality standards and will reliably protect your online business. Our Data Center will provide all the necessary support around the clock. You will never feel any regret that you have committed yourselves to our expertise. Your online future will be serene. Our impeccable reputation in the hosting services area is our guarantee to you.

Advantages of the Data Center

Integration into a telecommunication network (five independent 10Gbps uplinks)
Top-quality and superfast access to the Internet information resources with a total capacity of 40Gbps, as well as to the Ukrainian traffic exchange network UA-IX with the capacity of 10Gbps.
Channel reservation system.
Specific environmental conditions (an industrial air conditioning and ventilation system). The temperature in the Data Center is kept below +20?C. The humidity level stays within 40-60%.
The first power supply class of the power equipment the electric power system with power of 525 kW and expansion flexibility, 3 independent (off-line) inputs, 4 diesel electric-power generators.
24/7 support, a constant monitoring of operation integrity of the server and network equipment, immediate fault resolution.
A tight access control, equipment access monitoring.
24-hour security, modern security and CCTV systems.
The possibility to remotely control your own information resources via IP-network or IP-KVM.
Five optical communication channels from the leaders on the Ukrainian market, including parity channel to the "Ukrtelekom" company with a 1 Gb/sec speed; the company's network utilizes Cisco™ and HP® equipment.

Virtual tour of the data center

http://mhost.ua/photos/gallerey/0/6.jpg http://mhost.ua/photos/gallerey/0/7.jpg
http://mhost.ua/photos/gallerey/0/13.jpg http://mhost.ua/photos/gallerey/0/31.jpg

MHost contacts

Email: aborniak@mhost.ua

Technical Department: request support? (https://support.mhost.ua/index.php?_m=tickets&_a=submit)

Financial Department: ask a question? (https://support.mhost.ua/index.php?_m=tickets&_a=submit)

Address: MHost, Chervonoarmiis'ka str. 124, Kiev 03150

Registered Office: MHost, Chervonoarmiis'ka str. 124, Kiev 03150

Phone No. +38 044 239-11-81

Technical Support (Data Center): +38 044 239-11-81

Fax No. +38 044 239-11-78

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