View Full Version : Free at www.ej.am upto 2gig Space 5gig bandwidth, Automatic signup and Upgrades!!

06-26-2006, 05:00 AM

Ejam hosting is becoming more alive each day, we are finding new ways to improve the system and make it better for our users, we now have intergrated an automatic signup system for your users to use!

This signup system is so easy to use and will allow you to have your account up within minutes, we also have an upgrade system implemented with the script! So if you post around our forums, your account can be upgraded automatically!
With the upgrades script your account will be upgraded automatically within 15 minutes of completing the posts!

All Accounts have the same features but a different muber of features, features included are :
- Cpanel
- Rv Skin For added Ease.
- Subdomains
- Parked Domains
- Addon Domains
- Mysql databases
- PostgreSQL Databases
- Email accounts
- Email forwarders
- Autoresponders
- Email filters
- Mailing lists
- FTP accounts
- Fantastico

Base Plan - No Posts!!
100mb Space.
500mb Bandwidth.
3X - All Features.

Plan 1 - 15 Posts every 2 weeks!
200mb Space.
750mb Bandwidth.
5X - All Features.

Plan 2 - 20 Posts every 2 weeks!
350mb Space.
1000mb Bandwidth.
7X - All Features.

Plan 3 - 35 Posts every 2 weeks!
500mb Space.
1250mb Bandwidth.
10X - All Features.

Plan 4 - 45 Posts every 2 weeks!
750mb Space.
1500mb Bandwidth.
14X - All Features.

Plan 5 - BONUS PLAN! - 100 Posts every 2 weeks!
2000mb Space.
5000mb Bandwidth.
50X - All Features.

We have a growing community that should make it extremely easy to make the required amount of posts in! We dont want to have to force posts on anyone which is why we have offered a non-posting account, but too keep this hosting alive we will have to have activity on the forums.

We are doing are best to keep this service as spam free and as high a quality as ever. Every free webhost needs to make money or they will not survive, we have taken steps to ensure that we will be up longer then any other free webhost!

- Dan
- Ejam Team