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08-16-2004, 10:01 AM
1Gb= $2.00 | overage per 1Gb=$2.00
2Gb= $2.50 | overage per 1Gb=$1.25
5Gb= $3.75 | overage per 1Gb=$0.75
10Gb= $5.00 | overage per 1Gb=$0.50
20Gb= $8.00 | overage per 1Gb=$0.40

10Gb=$5.00 | overage per 1Gb=$0.50
20Gb=$7.00 | overage per 1Gb=$0.35
50Gb=$15.00 | overage per 1Gb=$0.30
100Gb=$25.00 | overage per 1Gb=$0.25
200Gb=$40.00 | overage per 1Gb=$0.20

PROMOTION: Build bigger plans than 10Gb Space and 100Gb M.Bw. and Get 2 Dedicated IP(60$ value) for your reseller web hosting for free.

*Dedicated ip promotion is only limited with forum members who paid advanced (1 year) with 30% discount - valid for this week only.

*Same overage prices will be applied to the bigger plans than "20Gb Space and 200Gb Bandwidth"
*Prices shown are monthly fees, or recieve a 30% discount for paying yearly!
Click here to calculate your custom plan (http://www.newista.com/index.shtml)

*Unlimited Domain Hosting with Unlimited E-mail, mySQL and Subdomain Users.
Ensim Web Hosting (http://www.newista.com/ensimhosting.html)
cPanel Web Hosting (http://www.newista.com/cpanelhosting.html)

*You will able to enter max. 50Gb of space and 500Gb of bandwidth. Our network able to open it instantly.

*Servers hardware specs. are Dual Xeon 2.8, HT tech. and 15000rpm SCSI Drives by DELL!

*We have not any content limitation, you may host every type of content and ability to set file size limit.

*24/7/365 Support available , we usually responce in a hour, under heavy maintenance guaranteed reponce in max. 3hrs with your support solution.

*You will always have the latest stable versions of each features, Current cPanel version is 9.4 WHM3.1 and Ensim Pro 4.0.1.

*We could set private nameservers for your reseller accounts, we could convert any plans to the ip based hosting instantly.

*Account transfers between cPanel and Ensim allowed anytime you want.

*Hot Flash Tutorials of cPanel, WHM, Ensim Reseller and End User admins also FANTASTICO .

*Price Freeze Guarantee
*Upgrade options
*99.9% Uptime GUARANTEE !
Newista Service Guarantees (http://www.newista.com/guarantees.html)

Newista Datacenter Specs. (http://www.newista.com/datacenters.html)

More details of Newista Web Hosting Reseller Program (http://www.newista.com/)