View Full Version : Best BulletProof Abuse protected DEDICATED SERVERS in Europe and China

11-01-2011, 11:56 AM
Dear Sirs,

Let me offer secure and abuse-protected dedicated servers for ‘non-standard’ contents and purposes in Russia, Moldova, Germany, China and other countries.

That’s possible to use the servers for almost all purposes. The only exception is spam, bank fishing, child and zoo porno, political agitation. All the rest is POSSIBLE!!!

Why working with us?
- Excellent Internet speed and bandwidth (minimum 100 mbps lines)
- robust dedicated channels,
- quick tech support (MSN, ICQ, Yahoo, Skype. Phone only for constant customers)
- affordable prices
- own Datacenters
- Free OS installation/reinstallation by your request (including Windows)
- Free Hardware setup/resetup by your request
- Immediate servers activation (from 1 hour till 1 day)
- Unlimited traffic
- Own sub-networks of IP addresses
- Large variety of software we can install on your servers
- Superb protection and security

We may also setup Virtual server upon request, if you can’t afford to rent the whole server. We use VmWare technology, so the virtual server will be absolutely the same as dedicated, with root, independent access, but with limited server resources shared with other virtual servers. Give me your budget and we’ll find a solution for you.

We have already over a 4 year experience in this business, so have got the best servers, support, direct connections with datacenters, and most important – ABSOLUTE SECURITY. We have very good ties with proper authorities, so no abuses will reach you. Do your business and we’ll take care about the rest!

Mail me at bizztool(AT)gmail.com for more details. Please specify what kind of servers you need (hardware and OS requirements), for which purposes, in which country you prefer, do you need any specific software to be installed on the server etc. We take care about each customer and ready to discuss your needs and requirements!

Best regards,