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11-08-2011, 11:25 AM
Can you be completely sure that your website is protected from a malevolent attack? DDoS

attacks are a very common occurrence and can severely disturb the functionality of your site

and the ability of customers and clients to access it. It is a sad fact that the Internet can

be used for so much harm and it is often the smaller businesses that become a victim or malice

via the web. In fact, even one hour of website downtime can be incredibly harmful to any

company and one e-commerce site revealed that they lost an estimated $19m as a result of their

website being infiltrated and they experienced just 60 minutes of inactivity.

It is for this reason that you should treat DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks

seriously and preventing them for disrupting your services should be an imperative part of your

online business plan. Luckily, companies such as Stop-ddos.net offer comprehensive and complete

packages that directly deal with these criminal attacks. Protection packages are readily

available and at very affordable prices as well.

Proxy-lite - high quality protection of 2 parked domains for $150/month

- Up to 1 Gbps/80K PPS protection(unlimited duration)

- 1-3 Gbps/120K PPS (up to 4 hours per week)

- Free shared hosting

- Unmetered inbound/outbound traffic

- $150.00 per month or $75.00 per week + Anti Abuse fee(optional, if needed)

Proxy 250 - advanced protection of 4 parked domains for $250/month

- Up to 3 Gbps/120K PPS protection(unlimited duration)

- 3+ Gbps/120K+ PPS (up to 4 hours per week)

- Free VPS

- Unmetered inbound/outbound traffic

- $250.00 per month or $125.00 per week + Anti Abuse fee(optional, if needed)

Proxy 400 - professional protection of unlimited number of parked domains for $400/month

- 3+ Gbps/120K+ PPS protection(unlimited duration)

- 100 mbps connection (clean traffic)

- Free VPS

- $400 per month or $200 per week + Anti Abuse fee(optional, if needed)

As an extra incentive, the Proxy Lite packages come with a free shared hosting services and

should you opt for a more comprehensive protection package then both the Proxy 250 and the more

security defined Proxy 400 services are available with free VPS's.
Why wait until you experience one of these attacks to realise that you need concrete protection

to keep out any unwanted or illegal activity that can harm your business and reduce its

functionality? It is far better to be ahead of the game and stop any infiltration in its tracks

before it does any extensive or long lasting damage.
All these packages come with a free 24 hour trial to ensure that you can actually see

the protection in action before you choose to continue.

If that wasn't enough, we offer a very attractive partner reseller program that is

designed for both companies and individuals and you can earn 25% commission.

To find out more about these great offers then you can check our website : stop-ddos.net

, find us on Skype : stop-ddos.net - or contact us at support@stop-ddos.net.

The Stop DDoS team