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07-14-2006, 01:59 AM
This is a LIMITED SIGNUP offering. Only 5 spots are open. Every plan discounted by 2$ per month.

Do you want to have your own webhosting business, but don't want the hassle of managing a server (not to mention it's high cost?). Do you want to be able to
sleep at night and not have to worry about supplying your clients with support 24 hours a day? Then these plans are for you!

Webkore has been offering premium hosting since 2002. We believe you should be able to take advantage of our industry-leading support group and our
experience in hosting websites. By being our partner in the hosting industry, you'll be with a company that will help you grow and won't be competing with you. From reseller to dedicated servers, we're there for you at all levels of hosting.


You can now resell our reseller plans at a discount under your own brand, and we will support it as well! Contact us for more details
Integrated helpdesk is now available. You no longer need to configure and buy your own helpdesk software

Basic details :

Account Information
:: Disk Storage: 2000MB
:: Monthly Transfer: 40GB
:: Domains: unlimited
:: Private Label nameservers (ns1.yourdomain.com, ns2.yourdomain.com)
:: WHM/cPanel PRO
:: Overselling allowed
:: Fantastico
:: Fully managed services (we will take care of installing SSL certs, Assigning IP addresses, etc...)
:: Free backups (second hard drive, and R-sync offsite backup). Daily backups.
:: Completely anonymous
:: Integrated helpdesk
:: FREE End-User support
:: FREE Domain name


:: Latest stable versions of cPanel/WHM
:: Ruby on Rails
:: PHP4 4.4.2 and PHP5 5.1.2
:: RVSkins and RVSitebuilder (for yourself and your clients)

:: Plans start at only $11.99 per month (regular price is 13.99$)!
:: Other plans available

Payment Options
:: Paypal (We are Paypal Verified)
:: Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, prepaid credit cards)

:: Trouble Ticket support system (24/7) Average ticket reply is 6 minutes. Staff onsite 24 hours a day.
:: Forums


:: 14 day money back guarantee
:: 30 minute or less response times (or your month is free)
:: 99.9% Uptime (or your month is free)


:: Full service hosting provider.
:: Affiliate program. Earn money for selling hosting services
:: Referral program : Get free months everytime you sign someone up. Make the cost of hosting much cheaper


:: All servers are dual opterons 246, 2GB of ram. SATA hard drives. More than enough power for even the most demanding of websites.
:: Your choice of datacenter. You can choose to be on our Savvis servers, or those at Colo4dallas


:: Webkore.net has been in the hosting industry for 4 years.
:: Webkore Internet Services is a premium hosting company
:: Webkore.net is based in Montreal, Canada


:: Free billing software on all plans!

If you have any further questions or concerns, just contact our sales department (live chat or by email) and we'll be glad to answer them!