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07-17-2006, 09:51 AM
Hi All.

I run this hosting service on www.MaxFreeHost.com, and I offer reasonable rates in the hosting industry.

Here is my current Unlimited Usage rate plan. Every plan has a Windows or Unix option, and everything unlimited. Disk space equals bandwidth.

(There are other offers too, 100MB, 2G and 5G but I havent listed them here. To see them click here)

1. 10G Plan - $133.35/yr or $13.35/mo
Offers - 10GB Disk Space, 10GB Bandwidth, Everything else Unlimited
Compare Plans (http://cp.yourhostfree.com/psoft/servlet/psoft.hsphere.CP?action=plan_compare&template_name=misc/compare_way.html)

2. 20G Plan - $177.75/yr or $17.75/mo
Offers - 20GB Disk Space, 20GB Bandwidth, Everything else Unlimited
Compare Plans (http://cp.yourhostfree.com/psoft/servlet/psoft.hsphere.CP?action=plan_compare&template_name=misc/compare_way.html)

3. 40G Plan - $222.25/yr or $22.25/mo - DISCOUNT $159.60/yr
Offers - 40GB Disk Space, 40GB Bandwidth, Everything else Unlimited
Compare Plans (http://cp.yourhostfree.com/psoft/servlet/psoft.hsphere.CP?action=plan_compare&template_name=misc/compare_way.html)
The discount on the 40GB plan makes the price less than that of the 20GB, but for now thats the only discount I can offer. Look out for more discounts in the future.

If you wish to purchase, you may do so via the signup links on www.maxfreehost.com, and payment via Paypal is accepted.

All Plans include
1. H-Sphere Control panel
2. 1 Free domain of your choice (manual registration)
3. 20 Ready-to-install scripts, incl OsCommerce and phpBB
4. Unlimited Email Space
5. ASP, ASP.NET, CGI, cgi-bin, Front Page, PHP, Server Side includes on all Windows plans & Linux plans. ASP/.NET not available on Linux (of course...)
6. SSL Module inbuilt
7. Unlimited MySQL, MS SQL & PG SQL databases
8. Dedicated IP Address for $10/mo
9. Random Upgrades - your account could be randomly upgraded to a 2x account - double the disk & double the bandwidth.

Thanks and Regards,
Chaitanya Dhareshwar
MaxFreeHost (http://www.maxfreehost.com)