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12-28-2011, 09:38 PM
Many SEO technics focus on submitting sites to search engines, meta tags, backlinks, and other such methods. While these types of approaches do work, they can be complicated for SEO beginners. And, these techniques can be time-consuming. There is, however, one SEO technique that is perfect for beginner website owners.

This SEO method is quite simple, and should really be the very first technique on which every website owner focuses. All it involves is writing good content.

Many people underestimate the importance of good content on a website and instead put a great deal of time into site design and the aforementioned SEO techniques. But, what these people fail to realize is that without good content, visitors will not enjoy your website. It is unlikely that anyone will visit your site--and, even if they do visit, they will probably not ever come back because there will be nothing to compel them to return.

Good content is what makes people spread the word about a website. Good content is what gets people to sign up for an RSS feed or email newsletter. It is what makes people bookmark articles or pages of a website on various social bookmarking sites--which, in turn, helps to advertise a website. Good content is what makes people email their friends about what they just read about. Without good content, it doesn't matter how many "share this" or "email this" buttons you have after your articles; no one will want to share what you have written on your website, anyway.

Now, writing good content does not necessarily mean that a person needs to write essays of immense length. Nor does it mean that anyone expects website owners to pen great pieces of literature. Instead, writing good content simply means that the articles and text on the website need to be clear, interesting, and valuable to the reader in some way.

Think about it like this--you would not visit (or revisit) a website that contained no valid or useful information. You would not go to a site that was difficult to read because the text contained dozens of grammatical errors. And it goes without saying that any website that you found to be boring would be one from which you would quickly click away.

So, website writers need to write text in such a way as to keep them interested. But, not only that, writers need to make sure that their content attracts readers in the first place. An article may have good content, but it doesn't serve a purpose if no one comes to read it, after all.

The way to write good content that attracts readers is through the use of keywords. There are many keyword tools on the internet; choose one that will give you suggestions of which keywords to use in any given article. If you use those keywords for a certain percentage in your article (perhaps from 2% to 5%, though recommendations on this percentage vary), you will likely attract many more readers than if you did not use the keywords.

Writing good content is more important than most other SEO techniques. You have probably heard the phrase, "Content is king." This is never truer than on the internet. For every website subject, there are hundreds--if not thousands--of websites devoted to that subject. So, every website has competition; in fact, many websites have a great deal of competition for readers. Without stellar content, a website has little hope of keeping readers--readers will simply head to one of the other hundreds (or thousands) of sites devoted to the same subject.

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