View Full Version : [For Hire] - Linux server admin. 4years experience.

Jason Deasons
08-06-2006, 05:46 AM
I am a student, and I am looking a job on Server admin field.
I worked on Debian GNU/Linux, Suse, CentOS, Fedore, Slackware and Redhat, I used Cpanel/WHM, Direct Admin and Plesk.
I have experience in:
System handening - ( I do a lot of things to make the server more secure: I install\configure APF, RkHunter, SPRI, SIM, BDF, Snort, Logwatch etc.., ssh hardening, load and port monitoring, I upgrade old and unsecure software and much more....)
Configure and Install base server software ( Apache, Mysql, PHP, etc..) and 3rd party software.
System and log monitoring
Compiling kernels
And much more...

I am still learning and I love this work :-)
Because I am a student, I do not have enough time to work full time or every day.
If interested, please send me email: jason.deasons@gmail.com

Best Regards,
Jason Deasons