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08-07-2006, 09:50 PM
Tired of all the web hosting hassles?
Tired of paying for services and then not receiving them?
Tired of NON-RESPONSIVE web hosts? :rolleyes:

The truth is many web hosts do not live up to their promises! Here today,
but gone tomorrow.
Everybody wants the best bang for the buck..
even if it means hopping from one host to another.
Rock bottom dollar ends up being pretty costly!
On top of that, factor in the sheer
INCONVENIENCE to YOU (the paying client) having to move your site once again and hoping you get your refund. :eek:

If you're tired of all of the above it might be high time to ask yourself what you are really looking for in a web host. :confused:

Overall quality service that meets
or exceeds your expectations should be your priority.

HostCaters.com has been in business since 1999.
We are a shared hosting provider and we offer plans from 50MB/5GB up to 500MB/15GB.

Don't be FOOLED into thinking you NEED a gig or more disk space along with 20gb bandwidth. Its just "not so."
If you do a little research into some of these
"too good to be true" deals...you will quickly learn that MOST clients never even get near their allottment.
Its more in the average range of 100 mb space and 5GB bandwidth, OR LESS!

Consider HostCaters.com! We focus on quality service AND support, before AND after the sale. ;)
Here are just a few examples of client feedback: :)

Thank you for the great service,
I'm very happy with the accessibility and uptime (I don't think it's ever been down when I needed on, which is very often)!

Support + Easy = HostCaters!

Your excellent customer service and reasonable rates
have convinced me to use HostCaters services
for all my web hosting needs. If this sounds like a testomonial, it is.

Thanks for all of your help & support.
You are a great company. I appreciate the times you have helped me with any issue or problem I may have had.

I discovered Hostcaters quite by accident when I was having difficulties with another hosting service.
I have found Hostcaters.com to be top notch in every respect.
I have been particularly impressed with the rapid response we have recieved every time we have needed help on an issue.

More client feedback (http://www.hostcaters.com/kudos.html).

HostSearch Reviews (http://www.hostsearch.com/review/hostcaterscom_review.asp)

Every account receives their own FREE DEDICATED I.P. and 2 additional FREE parked domains on their main account.

Compare Plans: Convenient 1-3-6 or 12 month options. Yearly signups = generous discount.
30 day, NO HASSLE money back guarantee. We pro-rate refunds if you sign up for 12 months.

Multilingual Control Panel: We've used the Alabanza control panel for years. Its stable AND reliable. :p

WAIT!! Take advantage of our SPECIAL OFFER! 6for12 on our 3 most popular plans!
Pay 6 month hosting contract and receive 12 full months hosting, AND we'll lock your price in.
Look at what your "average cost per month" equals on our 3 best selling plans!

CaterMe 50MB: Normal $75 yearly: 6for12 price: $47.70 for one full year.
"Average cost per month = $3.97"

100MB Perfect Plan: Normal $99 yearly: 6for12 price: $59.70 for one full year.
"Average cost per month = $4.97"

150MB Promo: Normal $135 yearly: 6for12 price: $77.70 for one full year.
"Average cost per month = $6.47"

This is a LIMITED TIME OFFER and can be withdrawn anytime. More details on our site:


HS-CATERME 50MB-6for12-$47.70

HS-100MB PLAN-6for12-$59.70

HS-150MB PROMO-6for12-$77.70

Reseller plans are available. Sorry....we do not offer unlimited or multiple domains under one account.
You purchase one RESELLER PLUS plan, and then add your resold plans at a discount per plan.
Purchase when you need them. Each resold account receives their own control panel, dedicated IP, disk space, bandwidth, etc.

Perfect for web developers looking to expand their line of services.
We support you, and you support your client.
Save now on our 100MB Reseller Plus Plan by using the WHT code. NOT advertised onsite.

Reseller Details:

HS - 100MB Reseller Plus - $20.00 monthly.

All major CC and Paypal welcome Feel free to contact us via the website (email or live chat) If we are not available on LiveChat, then click to send us a message and we'll respond promptly!

Make the right choice with HostCaters! :D